Durham Event Venue Convivio Serving Organic and Natural Wines Announced

Durham Italian Restaurant Opens in Durham Offering Organic, Orange, Natural and Bio-Dynamic Wines. Convivio offers its own in house sommelier Giuseppe Cagnoni.

Convivio, a new Event Venue and wine bar, announced its official opening on August 1, 2019. Located in Durham, North Carolina, the restaurant aims to provide an authentic Italian dining experience, complete with carefully selected organic, natural and Bio-Dynamic wines chosen by a specialist sommelier. They strive to have all ingredients that are organic and locally sourced to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, while maintaining an affordable night out.

Italian cuisine is famous for its simplicity and taste, with the primary focus being on the quality of the ingredients rather than the intricacy of the arrangement. Complemented by its world renowned wines, Italian specialties are widely appreciated throughout the world.

In keeping with the traditional Italian emphasis on ingredient quality, Convivio prides itself on its fresh, locally sourced meat and fish, as well as other tasty local ingredients. Hand carved aged meats and fish will be available in the Fall of 2019, butchered, aged and prepared in-house.prepared.

Guests can also find a large selection of Organic, Natural and Bio-Dynamic wines, each chosen individually by the expert sommelier Giuseppe Cagnoni.

A spokesperson for Convivio explained: “Our in-house sommelier Giuseppe searches both locally and worldwide for the best wines he can find for all tastes and budgets. Our wines are tannin-free (meaning bye, bye hangover), and organic wines are his specialty. Good tasting and healthy. We are not your typical Italian restaurant. This is traditional Roma.”

Some of Convivio’s event venue specialties are its customizable space, lighting, music and food menu.. Guests can choose how they would like to create an atmosphere depending on what type of celebration it is. Weddings are different than a corporate event. With a full bar the event space at Convivio is really quite unique.

Convivio’s chef Paolo Gavazza is an alumni of Alma, the most prestigious culinary school in Italy. He has also worked for a three Michelin Star restaurant in Rome.

Giuseppe Cagnoni is the restaurant’s sommelier and master butcher, an industry professional with more than twenty years of experience.

Interested parties can find more information on the new Durham Italian restaurant by visiting the event space page on their website.

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