Dumpster Rental Company, Galaxy Transfer Congratulates King George County Landfill on “Excellent” Rating from VEEP

The King George County Landfill has once again earned an “Excellent” rating from VEEP. The last time the landfill was awarded this honor was in 2007, before setbacks that took sevenyears to repair; after a long struggle, the landfill is once again showing superior performance.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality awarded the King George County Landfill an excellent rating for its participation and superior performance in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP). This award recognizes the facility for its efforts to clean up previous problems and maintain higher standards of sustainability.

The King George County Landfill is to be congratulated for this honor, as they worked hard for several years to achieve the excellent rating, something they had first won in 2007. For the next few years, the landfill’s image suffered after ash from a plant in Alexandria began mixing with the rest of the waste, letting off high levels of sulfur dioxide. Despite this setback, the landfill spent the next seven years and a great deal of money to repair the problem and bring the land fill back to the status it once enjoyed.

The organization that gives the ratings, VEEP, was started in 2005 and includes several different levels of participation. E2, denoting Environmental Enterprise, is used to classify companies and businesses that are beginning the process of environmental management. Once the facility has a fully implemented environmental management system (EMS) and a proven dedication to pollution prevention and environmental protection, they are designated an E3 for Exemplary Environmental Enterprise.

E4 is for Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise, and is a level of participation reserved for facilities with a proven and verified EMS as well as a commitment to continuous environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. E4 level facilities and companies must also have a community involvement in improving environmental problems.

VEEP was created to help companies attain levels of waste management that will make a positive difference in the environment. The EMS companies must develop and implement is a comprehensive and cohesive collection of policies and procedures detailing how a company manages waste and its environmental effects. Environmental goals are established, and the company is monitored and rated by how well it follows and achieves its goals. The company must also maintain the goals, meeting them consistently over time something that may require changes in certain company practices.

It is crucial that companies all across the country and the world understand and emphasize the importance of responsibly managing waste and environmental impact. Buying affordable dumpsters in Virginia might be a good step towards consolidating and separating waste and recyclables.

Changes companies might make to their environmental management policies include:

Recycling: There are a great many recyclable materials that are sent to landfills often due to a lack of knowledge on the part of a company or facility.

Proper disposal: Many products can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly. While affordable dumpsters in Virginia are a great choice for many waste materials, some are simply too dangerous to be thrown in a dumpster. There are specific recycling facilities for electronic and toxic materials that ensure the environment remains safe from any contamination from such products.Green energy: By making changes as simple as buying environmentally-friendly light bulbs, or bigger changes like investing in solar power, a company can severely cut down on its energy usage, lowering its electric bill and its carbon footprint.

For consumers,managers, and CEO’s trying to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint or become an E2 level company, obtaining an affordable dumpster in Virginia or Washington D.C. from Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters is a good first step.

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