DUI Lawyer in Fort Collins Helps Break Apart Science Behind Breathalizers

DUI attorney in Denver, CO successfully uses science to fight unjust DUI and DWAI tickets

Fort Collins, Colorado- Stricter laws in Northern Colorado have many Fort Collins residents seeking help for DUI tickets they may feel were unjustly charged. There are many levels of driver impairment when it comes to Colorado DUI laws, and people are considered “under the influence” if substantial impairment affects the person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. If someone has a BAC, or “Blood Alcohol Content” is .08% or more, it’s inferred that the person was under the influence of alcohol. There are also DWAI’s or “Driving While Ability Impaired” by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, and DWI or “Driving While Impaired”.

There can be many circumstances which effect an apparent disability to operate a vehicle safely, and Matthew J. Greife of The Law Offices of Matthew J. Greife is the most knowledgable DUI lawyer in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Mr. Greife explains, “the science behind determining if a someone is intoxicated or not, just isn’t reliable and Colorado law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges assume the science is accurate without there actually being any real evidence that can truly and accurately determine how much THC, alcohol or other substances is in a someone’s system.”

Attorney Matthew Greife is one of the only DUI defense lawyers in the country that holds a PhD which allows him to actually challenge the misunderstood underlying science and methods which law enforcement relies on to conduct voluntary blood draws, blood draws, roadside exams and breathalyzer exams. Mr. Greife is dedicated and continues to write and educate the public on the problems associated with voluntary roadside examinations, blood draws and breathalyzer examinations in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. The Fort Collins DUI Lawyer says in court he actually exploits these problems to get the absolute best outcomes for his clients. Mr. Greife also says he has often times gotten DUI, DWI or DWAI prosecutions dropped down to either a careless or reckless driving ticket.

The Law offices of Matthew J. Greife encourage anyone who has been presented with a DUI, DWAI, or DWI to seek more information on how his law office can help you fight your case using their methods and experience blending science and law.

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