Duffy Performance Helping Athletes Plan Through Annual Training Program

Cory Duffy explains the importance of creating an annual training program (ATP) to help achieve training optimization.

The founder and owner of Duffy Performance Health is at it once again, helping clients achieve training optimization, this time through the use of an Annual Training Plan (ATP). Cory Duffy explains in his most recent blog post, “What to Look For in Your Training Program,” how athletes and others competing need to have a training plan in place for maximum efficiency.

“As a coach, I look over the client’s questionnaire and map out all the clients’ competitions for the year. We discuss which one is the most important (Goal A), which are more B style competitions, and possibly some C races/competitions if they have any.” Duffy said regarding mapping out an ATP for his clients.

Duffy does this to help clients plan for the complete package, not just from competition to competition. Once these are mapped out, Duffy can begin looking at creating a training strategy that is sustained year after year.

This approach is different than most training plans that athletes utilize. Most athletes will train for a specific competition hard then give it all they have (if they make it without injury) during the competition, only to back down to a normal level of training. The goal of Duffy’s plan is to ensure that there is a level of endurance sustained not only during the competition but beyond.

Duffy says that “your training should be moving you closer to perfection every day so that you can compete at the highest levels and grow each year.”

If you are interested in learning what your performance potential is, Duffy Performance Health offers precise nutrition, optimized mindset, accelerated recovery, and optimized athletic performance. You can start with a free performance assessment by submitting the online form. Duffy Performance Health helps athletes and other competitors find the ATP that is right for them and their level of training.

Duffy Performance Health is the combination of all the skills and life experiences accumulated by founder, owner, and operator Cory Duffy. The goal of Duffy Performance Health is to create a roadmap to maximize the five key elements of maximum performance – nutrition, supplementation, sleep, fitness, and mental optimization. Through cutting-edge technology, in-depth analysis, and robust training plans based on the client’s unique body type, each day brings new ways of helping people reach optimal health and fitness goals or take their mental performance to new heights. To learn more about Duffy Performance Health or to take your free cognitive performance assessment, visit https://www.duffyperformance.com/.

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