Dublin Computer Data Recovery Launches Shamoon Protection Virus Attack Campaign

Data-recovery-Dublin, also known as DataRescue, a Dublin-based computer data recovery firm, launched a Shamoon virus protection campaign so that corporations and businesses reduce their chances of infection. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the potentially harmful virus, which wiped out 35,000 computers in 2012.

Dublin-based DataRescue, a computer data recovery firm who specialise in hard drive and logical data recovery from laptops, desktops and network systems has launched a Shamoon virus protection campaign. This initiative aims to prevent corporations and smaller businesses falling victim to the system harming virus, which is an advanced strain of the infection that compromised the integrity of 35,000 Saudi Arabian computers in 2012.

More information is available at http://datarescue.ie/data-recovery-dublin.

With news circulating that a tougher strain of Shamoon has made a comeback, DataRescue jumped into action. Launching a campaign to help reduce the viruses effect, DataRescue warns that this strain is far more advanced and meaner than its earlier counterpart released in 2012, which infected more than 35,000 Saudi Arabian corporate computers.

The latest version of Shamoon, also known as Shamoon2 and StoneDrill, has targeted petroleum companies in Europe. This new strain is a fully-functional ransomware module that has less reliance on outside servers than the earlier strain, making it harder to locate. Plus, it also comes in 32 and 64-bit, which means it can affect more systems.

StoneDrill, according to research by Kaspersky Labs, has a stealth mode to evade detection. Therefore, the virus injects a wiping module into a computer using the preferred browser of the user. The virus also has backdoor capabilities that steal system information and completely wipe hard drives.

DataRescue, who have been in the business of Data Recovery in Dublin since October 1994, have seen the earlier strain of Shamoon. Thus, they are urging corporations and businesses situated in Europe, where Shamoon has recently been seen, to take evasive action and avoid the need for complex data recovery later.

A spokesperson for DataRescue said, “By being prepared, businesses and corporations put themselves and their data out of harm’s way. This action then allows them to better protect the integrity of their network and any confidential information.”

To find out more about DataRescue and their vigilant Shamoon campaign, click on the link above.

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