Drug Treatment And Rehabilitation Center Referral Directory Service Launched

A Washington-based start-up has launched an addiction treatment facility directory that allows individuals to find the nearest facility to their location and the most suitable one for their needs.

A new start-up has launched a referral service aimed at individuals seeking addiction treatment centers with post-pandemic set-ups in their locality.

More information is available at https://www.addictionaide.com

Addiction Aide is offering people who are looking for treatment for themselves a convenient means to identify the most suitable rehabilitation facilities for their needs. According to the group, the platform has listed treatment facility centers that offer a full spectrum of services for different types of substance use disorders. Unlike other referral directories operated by Treatment centers themselves, the platform is owned independently offering unbiased reviews of all the listed rehabs.

Each listing offers a brief description of the facility and a list of its specialties, amenities, and therapies, in addition to the type of insurance providers it accepts. Moreover, it shows reviews of the facility as rated by experts and past patients.

Individuals may log on to its website and search for nearby facilities using their zip code. This service can be accessed at https://www.addictionaide.com/find-addiction-center

Addictionaide has listed over 700 directories and offers a helpline for people to consult treatment specialists regarding admission into any rehab at +1-802-231-1018 (100% confidential & free help). They may also call the group directly through their hotline or ask for a callback by leaving their contact information. The group stated that clients will be provided with “hand-picked” facility centers chosen based on the individual’s unique needs and condition.

It stated that its agents specialize in helping persons with addiction find affordable treatment, adding that they work with rehab centers that accept all kinds of insurance. Treatment options offered include inpatient or outpatient rehab, drug and alcohol detox, sober living homes, medications, therapies, counseling, and more.

Organizations around the world are already discussing how drug treatment facilities can adapt to a post-coronavirus setting, which is expected to present new challenges.

A recent study published in BMC Medicine stated that renewed treatment systems should improve access to care “facilitated where appropriate by technology”, such as telemedicine and other digital solutions.

In September, a webinar hosted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime covered this topic and came up with similar recommendations, such as online psycho-social counseling and support to persons with substance use disorders.

Drug and alcohol abuse has been spiking as the pandemic continues its deadly march across the United States. In a recent article, Addiction Aide explained that the effects of the pandemic, such as job loss and isolation, have fueled addiction as many Americans fail to come to grip with the new normal.

Full details about the capabilities and benefits of the service can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5BEWZNKZZWisERkOvfEFzA or the URL above. Daily updates for addicts seeking recovery is posted in their Facebook & instagram page at https://www.facebook.com/AddictionAide and https://www.instagram.com/addictionaide/

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