DRTS Introduces New Micro Dripper for Multiple Drip Irrigation Applications

DRTS, a leader in drip irrigation machinery manufacturing, announced a new product that blends the advantages of multiple existing technologies to allow the precise placement of water in subsurface applications. Micro Tape is cost effective and meets the needs of existing and emerging markets.

NOVEMBER 21, 2017 – DRTS, a leader in drip irrigation machinery manufacturing and design, recently announced a new product design that will blend the advantages of strip tape with those of nano tape to allow the precise placement of water in subsurface applications. Manufacturing this new product, dubbed Micro Tape, is cost effective and meets the needs of both existing and emerging markets.

Currently on the market are two primary options for drip irrigation tape: Strip Tape and Nano Tape. The recently introduced third option from DRTS, Micro Tape, combines the advantages of the other two types into a product useful for many different and some new applications. Like any technology with multiple applications, there are many different solutions to address the different ways businesses implement drip irrigation.

Strip Tape: The most common type of drip irrigation, Strip Tape, features thin-walled, flat drip lines with slits cut in the hose at equal lengths. Strip Tape can be installed both above and below the ground, but is only good for one season before it must be replaced as it is particularly prone to clogging from dirt and other particles. From a manufacturing view, production of Strip Tape doesn’t require a lot of raw material since it’s such a thin-walled product. This makes it cheaper to produce and more cost effective to use for a single season. Further, since the tape folds essentially flat, packing the line by coiling it into a tight roll allows the tape to be transported for a lower cost.

Nano Tape: Nano Tape uses miniature drippers placed along the length of the tape. This allows agricultural facilities to use the precision of an injection molded dripper and deliver water and chemicals customized to the application. Nano Tape and Nano Drippers are also re-usable over multiple seasons and crops, allowing a savings in the long term of capital costs. Nano Tape, however, can only be used on surface applications.

Micro Tape: Combining many of the precision advantages of Nano Tape and the multiple applications of Strip Tape, the new Micro Tape product from DRTS delivers material savings and more. The Micro Tape slit uses the tape on sub-surface applications where clogging from dirt and sand is an issue. The filters, including a fine mesh filter, keep dirt and particulate from clogging the whole row when placed underground. This allows the water to reach closer to the roots and eliminates concerns and costs related to evaporation. Further, since the slit in the Micro Tape is rigid, it can’t be bent and thus won’t lose or change shape, protecting the thin wall of the tape. Micro Drippers are cheaper to install than Nano Drippers and have a high durability. An investment in Micro Tape will last multiple seasons.

Choosing the type of drip irrigation installation solution needed depends on the specific situation. For those sub-surface applications where reliability of a rigid dripper at a good cost is needed, the new Micro Tape from DRTS delivers the best of both. For more information on new Micro Tape drip irrigation products, DR http://drts.com/.

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