Drone Thermography Pilot Training Crop Inspector & Surveying Course Launched

Drone Mist is an e-learning platform offering online courses in professional drone piloting and drone thermography leading to drone surveying careers in various industries.

E-learning platform Drone Mist has launched online professional drone pilot courses. The company offers specialized training in drone piloting leading to careers in crop inspecting, drone surveying, 3D modeling, and firefighting.

More information can be found by visiting: https://dronemist.com

Drone technology has become infinitely more sophisticated in recent years, with many industries turning to drones to carry out dangerous and difficult tasks that would otherwise put human life in jeopardy.

While drone technology is certainly advanced and potentially even life-saving, it still requires human expertise. The team at Drone Mist offers online training courses in professional drone piloting and drone thermography. This area of expertise has the potential to lead to lucrative, meaningful work in various fields.

The drone piloting course offers participants the knowledge and resources to find or start a career in drone-based surveying jobs. The main deliverables of the course are visual images, maps, and 3D models. The program also offers training in data capturing using infrared and multispectral and hyperspectral cameras.

The course covers how to incorporate various sensors and capture methods to provide useful data and surveying information to a wide range of industries. Some of the jobs available to professional drone pilots are crop surveyor, firefighter, nuclear installations, electrical wiring, and more.

Alumni of the program will walk away with a drone thermography level 1 certification; a comprehensive introduction to drone thermography. Topics covered include the fundamentals of infrared science and thermal physics, thermal camera design and operation, and an introduction to interpreting thermal images.

The program ends with exercises in practical knowledge to enable participants to perform live inspections of photovoltaic cell solar panels. All coursework is 100% compliant with international (ISO) standards for thermography.

Anyone interesting in beginning or furthering their knowledge in the field of drone piloting can find more information, view a free sample course, and sign up for the full courses at the link above.

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