Drone Pilot Professional Thermography Certification Training Program Launched

Drone Mist announced that a new range of professional drone training programs is now available at ABJ Drone Academy. The academy provides a full range of specialized drone training courses for all types of industries and organizations.

Drone Mist announced the launch of a new range of professional drone training programs at ABJ Drone Academy about how to become a certified, professional, and safe drone pilot. ABJ Drone Academy provides drone education programs based on global in-field and experienced pilots.

More information can be found at https://dronemist.com

Drone technology is becoming a critical asset in the daily work of many industries and organizations, including public safety agencies, energy and utility companies, and agriculture businesses. The newly launched range of professional drone training program at ABJ Drone Academy aims to help participants get a job as a drone pilot or start their own business.

Being a professional drone pilot has now become a profession with a high demand. Drone operators need professional pilots specialized in the handling of this type of aircraft.

At ABJ Drone Academy, all training courses are defined and provided by professional pilots with extensive mission track records using drones. The academy provides a full range of specialized drone training courses, including drone simulator training, primary courses, specialist courses, instructor courses, and many more.

The academy’s comprehensive training programs are customizable and feature hands-on training on flight training and mission specific advanced training on search and rescue, thermal imaging, aerial mapping, inspections, or aerial videography.

Participants following the training courses at ABJ Drone Academy receive a valuable professional certification, acknowledging their proficiency at using drones. They will receive a full certification of competency in that subject, such as the Part 107 License (U.S.), the PfCO License (U.K.), the FAA Part 107, and also the Drone Thermography Level 1 Certification.

According to ABJ Drone Academy, “Our professional drone school offers state-of-art training programs to pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds, including colleges and universities, commercial organizations, and government organizations. We take a multi-faceted approach to drone education and offer a blend of in-person ground school classes and online training to reinforce the knowledge our students gain in the field.”

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