Droitwich Knee Clinic Bromsgrove Knee ACL Injury Prevention Report Published

Bromsgrove based knee physiotherapy specialists The Droitwich Knee Clinic have launched their newest report detailing how people can help reduce the chance of ACL injuries using preventive training methods.

The Droitwich Knee Clinic, based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, has released its newest report, which gives people advice on the best ways to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

More information is available at https://droitwichkneeclinic.com/anterior-cruciate-ligament-injury-prevention-program

The newly released report from The Droitwich Knee Clinic helps people such as athletes reduce the likelihood of receiving an injury to their anterior cruciate ligaments through the use of adequate training that focuses on several crucial aspects.

Our services were launched in October 2019 and can be accessed at https://nyheadline.com/press/droitwich-uk-knee-surgery-acl-reconstruction-treatment-services-launched/15172

In the past, an injury to an anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, was career-ending for many sportsmen and women. While modern treatments have made the injury more treatable, it can still cause prolonged absence from activities as well as having long-term effects on performance.

An ACL injury is caused by a tear or sprain to a major ligament located within the knee. This ligament is a strong band of tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone and stabilises the knee joint. Damage to the ACL often happens during sports where sudden stopping or changes in direction occur such as football, gymnastics, and netball.

The Droitwich Knee Clinic offers advice on key training methods that should be used in an injury prevention scheme to help reduce the chances of ACL injuries. The report explains that the main elements of injury prevention training include strength, technique, and flexibility as well as plyometric and proprioception training for rebound and agility.

As reported by The Droitwich Knee Clinic, studies showed that people who incorporate these areas in their training programs have seen a significant reduction in ACL injuries, along with a decrease in lower limb injuries overall.

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, the Droitwich Knee Clinic are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of knee and shoulder disorders, offering their expert services for both professional and amateur athletes.

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