Drinkable Ketones – Therapeutic Fat Loss/Fast Ketosis Supplements Released

Online health store Ocelot Ketones has released an updated range of drinkable ketosis supplements. Ketone drinks contain fewer calories and can induce ketosis more efficiently than edibles.

This latest announcement offers a low-calorie option for those wishing to incorporate ketones into their supplement program and enter ketosis faster, regardless of diet.

More details can be found at https://ocelot.shopketo.com/category/ketones

Drinkable ketones such as those offered by the online store can induce ketosis within an hour regardless of the consumer’s diet. This provides a shortcut to experiencing the benefits of ketosis without spending weeks following a strict ketogenic diet and exercise regime.

Ketones are compounds produced by the body when glucose is unavailable to be used as fuel. During periods of fasting or starvation, the body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis which enables the body to efficiently use fat, rather than blood sugar, for energy. Exogenous ketones may be supplied to the body through an external source like a nutritional supplement.

The online store explains that to benefit from the body entering nutritional ketosis, drinkable ketones should be taken at least twice per day. This regular metabolization of fat allows the consumer to experience the advantages of faster weight loss, increased energy, better mental clarity, and an overall feeling of improved strength and health.

Ocelot Ketones offers Prüvit’s all-natural therapeutic ketone Keto//OS Nat range. This ketone drink is available in multiple flavors including berry blue, blueberry acai, heart tart, lime time, Maui punch, raspberry lemonade, and strawberry peach. A 22% discount applies to all SmartShip orders of $150 or more.

Supplements in the Keto//OS PRØ range are also available. These products offer a protein boost to promote post-workout recovery and facilitate muscle repair.

This latest announcement is in line with the store’s commitment to providing high-quality health drinks for those who want to induce a natural state of ketosis in their body for more efficient fat loss.

A satisfied customer said, ‘Being a keto-adapted athlete, these new exogenous ketones have really helped raise my level of ketones almost 2 whole mM. The best product to hit the market for sports performance, cognitive performance, and best of all longevity.’

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://ocelot.shopketo.com/category/ketones

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