Dr. Troy Crane Chiropractic And Wellness Delivering Pain Relief From Burley ID

Dr. Troy Crane Chiropractic Set to Branch Out And Explore Online Platforms To Reach A Wider Audience With Whole Health And Wellness In South Central, Burley, Idaho

Recognizing the changes in communication and ways in which prospective patients seek information, Dr. Troy Crane has determined to take his message of Wellness and Whole Health to social media and online platforms of communication. He also recognizes the importance of leveraging these tools to reach more people with his modern and often unique solutions to health and wellness.

Dr. Crane is finding that the current methods are just not sufficient for the growing audience seeking the solutions he provides. He presently splits he time between his own practice where he treats patients individually, and travelling to speak at seminars and meetings.

The vision Crane chiropractic holds is not limited to simply treating patient ailments. His approach involves, nutrition, muscle balancing, exercise, heart and other organ monitoring and of course the most modern chiropractic care.

The Clinic

Dr. Crane’s goal as a holistic healer is to partner with you to help you create vibrant health. The relationship between doctor and patient working together is key to helping you get well and stay well without dangerous drugs and risky, expensive surgery, all at reasonable fees. If your problem is not surgical and not immediately life-threatening, Dr. Crane can usually guide you through the process of regaining good health.

Crane Chiropractic and Wellness Origins

Dr. Crane’s dedication to using natural, non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical means to treat the whole body is supported by his annual completion of approximately 80 hours of chiropractic, functional medicine and clinical nutrition continuing education. He is a graduate of Ricks College (Now BYU-Idaho) and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West, as well as attending Idaho State University and New College Science Institute – San Francisco.

Encouragement from a friend who was a chiropractor, plus his passion for helping people, learning about the human body, and a desire to help heal naturally without dangerous drugs and risky, expensive surgery led him to enter the chiropractic field. He began his own practice after graduation, adding muscle balancing, clinical nutrition and Neurolink in order to give his patients a broader scope of care. Dr. Crane has also devoted many hours in doing free health screenings and community health lectures.

Dr. Crane and his wife Kari enjoy spending time with their family. His hobbies include reading, movies, exercise and outdoor sporting activities. He also enjoys watching the Boise State Broncos and local sports, as well as sponsoring recreational league basketball and softball teams which his children and grand children participate in.

Interested parties are invited to learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crane-Chiropractic-Wellness/127145277914871

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