Dr. Tracy Thomas To Speak At The 2022 Iconic Brand Live Event In February

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of The Commitments and Emotional Scientist Dr. Tracy Thomas will speak at 2022 Iconic Brand Live with Keynote Celebrity Chef Kylie Kwong. She'll share how she creates programs that transform clients into happy, healthy, multimillionaires from a single investment.

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of The Commitments – A Step By Step Guide To Personal Transformation and Acclaimed Emotional Scientist, Dr. Tracy Thomas will be speaking at The 2022 Iconic Brand Live Event hosted by Icons Incorporated, along with Keynote Speaker Celebrity Chef Kylie Kwong.

Dr. T, CEO of Dr. Tracy Inc. is a sought after speaker and a TED Speaker. She’s been a featured speaker for years, most recently speaking at The Money Mindset Conference and The Luxury Influencers Conference.

At The 2022 Iconic Brand Live Event Dr. T will be speaking about the importance of creating client success programs that are revolutionary in customization, scope, and results, and represent what she calls a Transformation Investment that has a lifetime ROI in the millions of dollars

Dr. T is known for her high level transformation programs that changed the paradigm of transformation in the years since she started them back in 2013. Dr. T pioneered custom transformation programs that catered to clients who wanted transformation personalized to them and freeing from things like Addiction, Eating Disorders, Weight Issues, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensitivity, Reactivity, Depression, PTSD, Codependency, Marriage Issues, Divorce, Fear, and underperforming financially.

For accelerated and lasting results, countless clients over the years have benefitted from the ability to turn a strategic investment into an accelerated transformation that frees them to move forward in life to do the things they really want to be doing now, instead of spending years of their life living under their potential and losing millions of dollars in the process. For some people who transform through Dr. T’s programs they’ve replaced a lifetime of expenses due to their emotional issues, with a lifetime of ease, luxury, and multimillions in wealth.

At her company Dr. Tracy Inc.. their well known transformation programs employ Dr. T’s proprietary emotional training techniques and transform clients into happy, healthy, multimillionaires, from one single investment that pays out incredible dividends over the course of their lifetime.

To learn more you can go to Dr. Tracy Inc.. or check out her Dr.T Instagram

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