Dr. Tracy Thomas TEDx Talk On Emotional Strength For Success And Growth

Award-winning psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas TEDx Talk raises awareness of the importance of emotional strength for health, happiness and productivity.

Leading psychologist and Emotional Scientist Dr. Tracy Thomas announced an awareness raising campaign on the importance of emotional strength for optimal mental and physical health. This announcement builds on the groundbreaking TEDx Talk, “The Emotional Strength Effect.” Drawing on her more than two decades of experience in Emotional Sensitivity research, her programs promote practices that empower anyone to adopt transformational mindsets based on a thorough understanding of their emotions.

More details can be found at https://www.drtracyinc.com.

The announcement comes amid increased concerns over the rising incidence of anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological conditions, as the current socio-political climate is defined by worldwide efforts to cope with an unprecedented pandemic and social unrest following growing political tensions.

According to a study published by the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, during June 2020 alone more than 30% of US adults have experienced anxiety and depression symptoms, 14% started or increased substance abuse, 26% experienced trauma or stressor-related symptoms, and more than 10% seriously considered suicide.

While this trend can be exacerbated by the pandemic, the importance of emotional strength is often underestimated. Dr. Tracy’s awareness-raising campaign aims to equip individuals with the skills needed to regain control of their life, improve their health, and reach their full potential.

Dr. Tracy’s entire career has been dedicated to the purpose of helping people grow the emotional strength that they need to live life on their own terms. It is Dr. Tracy’s premise that people experience life in a very limiting way, because most people aren’t encouraged to develop emotional strength models as a part of their upbringing.

In Dr. Tracy’s TEDx Talk, she states that people’s lack of emotional training creates a challenge for many to live beyond the resistance they feel within themselves and the resistance that others have about people living outside the cultural prescription. Most individuals never live out their fullest potential or their definition of success, because it takes emotional strength to break through the barriers created by the individual, their peers, and society in general.

“I guarantee that most people have never heard of Emotional Strengthening, and will find it a highly transformative way to break through the barriers they may be facing in their lives,” states Dr. Tracy.

“It is the absence of Emotional Strength that results in an ever increasing population that feels limited and ends up experiencing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and obesity to name a few symptoms of feeling overly limited,” she continues.

Psychologist Dr. Tracy emphasizes that, now more than ever, it is essential that people develop an emotional foundation to live their life so that all of their drive, intelligence and unique purpose can be their focus, instead of spending most of their time just trying to survive the limitations they feel so disempowered by.

These very limitations of Emotional Strength, combined with the cultural limitations that people experience, feed a cycle of strain and struggle that is unsustainable. It is this lack of Emotional Strength that actually makes these limitations and cultural prescriptions more limiting than they really are.

“With Emotional Strength, one can feel entitled to live their truth, their purpose, and to live out their potential,” says Dr. Tracy. “It’s the presence of Emotional Strength that allows people to experience a consistent state of emotional empowerment, and reveals to us why being ourselves is the best thing we could ever do for our society.”

In a recent interview, Dr. Tracy explains that “the need for Emotional Strength is even more important for those who are more emotionally sensitive than others, as they face an uphill battle that keeps them from ever having the opportunity to give their gifts and contributions to the world. The truth is that our world is missing out on its greatest assets – people who are emotionally sensitive and empathetic.”

Dr. Tracy believes that growing emotional strength creates a world of opportunity for people regardless of the conditions they grew up in or the conditions they currently find themselves in.

Her latest campaign will help people build emotional strength as the fastest pathway to breaking barriers and living with a sense of limitless potential.

View her entire TEDx Talk, “The Emotional Strength Effect” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC_bItt7o58

Interested parties can find more information on Dr. Tracy’s work by visiting https://www.drtracyinc.com.

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