Dr. Robert Pettis Laser Tattoo Removal Technology Reveals Surprising Facts for tattoo regret

Orange County Laser Specialist's latest article takes on misconceptions about Laser Tattoo Removal Convenience and sets the record straight with several useful facts for tattoo regret.

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide the best information on Laser Tattoo Removal Convenience, Orange County Laser Specialist has published a new article entitled PicoSure laser tattoo removal system acquired by Dr. Robert Pettis which sheds light on the most important aspects of Laser Tattoo Removal Convenience for tattoo regret. Interested individuals can view the full article at oclaserspecialists.com.

One of the most surprising pieces of information in the article is the fact that your tattoo may look frosted over or gray immediately following treatment. The treated area may become swollen and red, but this normally only lasts a few hours. A mild sunburn sensation usually lingers afterwards. Best practice is to keep the site covered against sun exposure.

In discussing the article’s creation, Robert M. Pettis, Doctor of Orange County Laser Specialist said, “The revolutionary technology used by the PicoSure laser does not generally leave scars, although there is a small risk of that occurring for those with a tendency of forming abnormal scars or keloids.”

Anyone who is experiencing tattoo regret can find the most up-to-date version of the article at oclaserspecialists.com/tattoo-removal. Customers who have specific questions past, present, or future articles contact Orange County Laser Specialist via their website: oclaserspecialists.com.

Dr. Pettis specializes in surgical treatment of head and neck disease with the highest levels of medical traing and residency from UCLA. As a board certified otolaryngologist, he treats voice problems, sinusitis, and hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Pettis also holding medical training in reconstructive facial surgeries with over 18 years of working with the world’s most advanced lasers.

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