Dr. Robert Pettis Acquires Sophisticated Picosure Technology Orange County, ca

Board certified otolaryngologist and laser tattoo removal doctor Dr. Robert Pettis, located in Orange County, recently purchased Picosure laser tattoo removal technology.

Board certified otolaryngologist and laser tattoo removal doctor Dr. Robert Pettis, located in Orange County, recently purchased Picosure laser tattoo removal technology.

Picosure is considered the most reliable laser treatment even for obstinate inks. It is proven effective for light as well as dark skin tones. In fact, it is the only laser that utilizes the state of the art technology capable of removing multiple tattoos in only three sessions. The Picosure laser uses intense laser light pulses in one trillionth of a second to disintegrate ink into minuscule particles. These fragments are then absorbed by the body’s natural processes until the tattoo is completely removed.

Each tattoo is unique which makes it important for removal procedures to suit individual cases. Some time ago, tattoos could be eliminated by various methods but the scars became more unattractive compared to the tattoo itself. These techniques normally require from four until 10 sessions to ensure complete removal. Dr. Pettis and his team at Orange Coast Laser Specialists is different from competitors in Orange County. Patients with tattoos that do not respond to traditional techniques can now find the laser approach more to their liking.

People who want to have their tattoos removed must look for a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist of good standing. This doctor should also have ample experience and positive laser tattoo removal reviews. Dr. Robert Pettis tattoo removal is convenient and economical. At the same time, the procedure is non-invasive, does not produce discomfort and requires zero downtime.

According to previous patients and published Picosure laser reviews, this specialist does not only produce good results, he also focuses on the comfort and safety of patients during laser treatment sessions. Dr. Pettis uses the Zimmer Cyro 6 with Picosure combined with a topical numbing treatment designed by Dr. Pettis and his team and uses specifically for laser tattoo removal. This cools human skin making it comfortable for patients undergoing the laser process. Henceforth, patients can look forward to pain-free sessions.

About Dr. Robert Pettis Dr. Pettis is a surgical treatment specialist specifically for head and neck disorders. He is also a board-certified otolaryngologist. He can treat voice issues, sinusitis, hearing problems, and balance conditions. Dr. Pettis also went through extensive medical training in reconstructive facial surgeries with more than 18 years of experience in the most advanced lasers worldwide.

Dr. Pettis launched Orange Coast Laser Specialists, a laser tattoo removal clinic to provide very comprehensive laser therapy for tattoo removal and facial rejuvenation. His impressive medical background and expertise combined with the most efficient in-patient care system can assure patients of safe and effective laser solutions in Orange County.

Medical Education Otolaryngology Residency: University of California/Los Angeles School of Medicine Internship: University of California, Los Angeles Graduation (June 2000) University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine

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