Dr Robban Sica MD Holistic Migraine Treatment Functional Medicine Book Launched

A new book highlighting migraine causes and how to combat them has been launched. Dr Robban Sica, MD wrote the book to help patients eliminate their pain for good.

Robban Sica, MD has launched a new book covering migraines, how they can occur, and how to fix them for good. As a integrative medical doctor seeking the best treatment for her patients, Robban Sica aims to provide effective remedies for migraines through her new book.

More information can be found at: http://robbansicamd-migrainestopthepain.com

Called “Migraines: Stop The Pain – Why You Got It. How To Fix It”, the newly launched book aims to prevent migraines and provide readers with the information they need to overcome and combat them. It offers insight into new treatments for migraines, prevention of migraines, and holistic approaches to effective pain relief.

Robban Sica explains that while pharmaceuticals can be effective in certain situations, the body has no innate need for any drug. However, there are natural solutions and remedies available, and it’s on these that the new book focuses.

With 30 years of experience taking alternative approaches to medicine, she has helped hundreds of patients to become pain free. Her latest book is the result of studying the foundational causes of migraines and how they can be eliminated for good.

The new book functions as a step-by-step guide to detect and correct the specific causes of migraines. It emphasizes that addressing migrain-causing factors in a systematic order can eliminate up to 98% of all migraines.

As detailed in the new book, some of the factors that cause migraines include instability in the spine, hormonal imbalances, magnesium deficiency, and poor diet. Alongside these, injuries can also be a factor.

The new book highlights what causes most migraines, and how they can be eliminated for good. It also discusses the numerous techniques for eliminating the underlying emotional and physical factors.

A recent reader said: “Dr Sica does an excellent job of explaining the possible causes of migraines with multiple safe, natural treatment options that truly address the foundational causes of migraines. Her treatment options are referenced from outstanding experts in the field, along with her many years of caring for migraine sufferers.”

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