Dr. Raquel Hammonds disrupts the healthcare system with the launch of THRYVE GLOBAL

Experienced Naturopathic Doctor and Innovator in the fertility sphere, Dr. Raquel Hammonds has launched THRYVE GLOBAL, the World’s First, Fertility Consulting Firm, fully owned and operated by a Black Woman

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the healthcare system as experienced medical practitioner and disruptor, Dr. Raquel Hammonds has again challenged the norm with the launch of THRYVE GLOBAL. The world’s first, women-led fertility consulting firm is launched under The Fertility Advantage and will function in the entertainment and corporate sphere as a link between corporate wellness and fertility care.

There seems to be a rise in the incidence of infertility, with recent studies stating that about 41 million couples across the globe suffer from infertility. The report also revealed that a large majority of these women are in the corporate and professional workforce. Over the years, several companies have proffered possible solutions to the problem, approaching fertility financially. However, no company is looking to tackle the issue from the root, optimizing Egg Freezing, IVF and IUI in women who want to conceive in the future, a narrative THRYVE GLOBAL aims to change.

THRYVE GLOBAL is the first and only Preconception Program designed to meet the specific needs of modern women in the corporate sphere. The innovation helps to bridge the gap created by the seemingly non-existence of fertility care in the current healthcare system. The program is coming at the best possible time, with studies revealing that many of the available insurance policies do not optimize the fertility health of patients during the critical Preconception period.

THRYVE GLOBAL is unique as it seeks to create a culture of total health, optimizing wellness now so that fertility can thrive, later while ensuring that women can continue climbing the corporate ladder.

For more information about THRYVE GLOBAL and other amazing solutions offered by The Fertility Advantage, LLC, please visit - www.thefertilityadvantage.com. The Fertility Advantage can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

About The Fertility Advantage
The Fertility Advantage was founded by Dr. Raquel Hammonds, NMD, MPH, a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Los Angeles, CA. As an Innovator in the fertility sphere, she works to identify and address barriers to reproduction by exploring the root cause of subfertility/infertility in men and women contemplating or undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Dr. Raquel completed her pre-medical studies in Health Promotion and Behavior at the University of Georgia and her Master of Public Health training at Mercer University. She recently completed her doctoral degree at the prestigious Bastyr University in San Diego, CA.

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