Dr. Pest Control uses the IPM integrated pest management program

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Many pest control companies used the method of demolition, most of the decorations, and then the pest control service.But not only does this result in customers spending money, but it also wastes time.Dr. Pest Control management has begun to use IPM to solve it.

In the past, when talking about pest control or prevent termites many pest control companies used the method of demolition, most of the decorations, and then the pest control service. But not only does this result in customers spending more money, but it also wastes a lot of valuable time. And Dr. Pest Control Co. management has begun to use integrated pest management IPM to solve these issues.

The IPM management program is a comprehensive pest management method, which is a holistic program that uses early prevention and control measures to carry out pest risk management, in combination with good sanitation procedures, and continuous extensive supervision. The aim is to manage pests with minimal eco destructive technology and at a reasonable cost. Through integrated pest management (IPM), the risk of potential infection can be reduced, resulting in significant business savings over time.

Dr. Pest Control’s professional pest control team will know the customer’s pest problem beforehand, and then conduct a site survey to gain insight into the cause and path of the pest. Then, targeted measures will be put in place to improve the environment before controlling the growth of pests. Once chemical control is necessary, pest control companies will choose medicines carefully to minimize the effects of biological and human interactions with the environment. The team then continuously monitors regularly and adjusts a series of pest-targeting measures. And hand-made insect control drugs must be used by the “Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department” safety requirements, thus effectively protecting human and pet safety.

Some examples are given to show the difference in integrated pest management (IPM). Most of the pest control companies recommend putting the medicine in the bait and killing the cockroach. After attracting the roaches to eat, they are fed back to the nest of other similar groups. The roaches can be completely extinct, but the existing drug-resistant roaches can not play the role. The expert team of “Dr. Pest Control” will conduct on-site surveys before using a pesticide that is used as a cockroach killing bait at an authorised entrance of the Hong Kong Agriculture and Fisheries Department and is harmless to humans and animals, as well as a natural cockroach killing method that ensures the safety and provides comfort to customers.

Another example, to prevent termites, Most of the pest control companies immediately removed the decorations and added prevent termites medicine to annihilate, which greatly wasted time and money. As a result, the Do. Pest Control’s professional team will complete the survey before completing a detailed report and quote. In the report, the pest control company proposed the necessary prevent termites and prevent termites service as well as the most feasible prevent termites options, based on the status of the inspection, and provide a price for termite removal. To achieve that, harmless human and animal and the environmental protection.

Because IPM management program is the early detection of potential pest problems, reduce the risk of infection to monitor pest trends, help determine the correct use of agents on the accurate identification and monitoring of pests, conducive to the proper deployment and maintenance program to minimize disruption of daily operations by pests and avoid the introduction of new pests to the site. Dr. Pest Control’s professional team wants to work closely with the customer to gain detailed knowledge of the customer’s requirements to develop a sustainable IPM project. The unique characteristics are: Conduct a thorough risk assessment of the site, identify potential pest problems, and then integrate them into long-term planning, periodic monitoring, and program pest control decisions. In addition, professional teams are familiar with industry regulations and audit standards, even in supply chain risk management, to provide better and reliable pest control services.

Remember, the price of the pest control company includes: on-site inspection service fee, pest control service fee and other charges. For details, please refer to the pest control company charges of the Dr. Pest Control Co. for reference.

About “Dr. Pest Control Co.”

“Dr. Pest Control Co.” not only is a prevent termites company in a comprehensive indoor and outdoor pest control , the addition, in response to sometimes bees being built in residential areas, will provide customers with a comprehensive bee burglary omen and investigation of bee burglary reasons. Find the origin of bees entering the house. And will handle the bee nest for the customer, the wasp nest and help remove the beehive.

“Dr. Pest Control Co.” dedication to the needs of our customer base, divided into mosquito control, ants control, kill mice, prevent termites, kill cockroaches, eliminate bed bugs, destroy fleas, pest control before move to new house, post-renovation pest control and home pest control, honeycomb processing and other services, no matter which area of ​​Hong Kong, will serve all customers.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, the Dr. Pest Control Co. has been expanded to become a pest control company integrating a mist disinfection company and a cleaning company according to customer needs. It has professional indoor cleaning and disinfection services, such as: removal of formaldehyde, cleaning after renovation, and removal of formaldehyde service. And nano natural sterilisation services, etc. in addition, to fully meet customer demand now for natural non-toxic, so the main use of natural mosquito control methods, natural eliminate ants, eradication of rats method, in addition to the method of termites, termites methods, how to eliminate termites, how termite eradication, termite treatment methods, natural methods of eliminate cockroach, household insecticide methods, new house insecticide methods, etc. are for customers’ reference.

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