Dr Nettles Precision Health Optimization Clinic Launched in Santa Monica

Robert Nettles MD launched a new range of precision health optimization services for patients looking to optimize health and wellness. He determines underlying causes of symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, low libido, weight gain and more, then optimizes biochemistry to create your best you.

Robert Nettles MD, a precision health optimization clinic in Santa Monica, California, announced the launch of a new range of treatments for patients who are struggling with hair loss, fatigue, low libido, weight gain and more. Since 2009, Dr Ray (Robert) Nettles has been helping men and women with personalized precision treatment plans to analyze and understand their personal biochemistry, then work to re-balance or normalize biochemistry to reverse symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, low libido, inability to build muscle, anxiety and more.

More information can be found at https://www.robertnettlesmd.com

Dr Nettles has created a comprehensive set of labs to understand each person’s unique biochemistry and genetics as well as the lifestyle factors that impact our health and well-being which he called “The Biochemical Report Card”.

Learn more about the Biochemical Report Card here: https://biochemicalreportcard.com

He also created a program specifically to treat hair loss which he called the Stop and Regrow Precision Hair Regrowth Program (PHRP) which is a holistic program that stops hair loss and regrows thicker hair by treating the underlying biochemical imbalance, as well as the lifestyle factors that contribute to hair loss. The process starts with your personalized assessment. During their assessment, patients will learn all the reasons they are experiencing hair loss and any other symptoms that affect their health and the best treatment options available to them.

Dr Nettles has both clinical experience and education across many fields, including Genetics, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, Botany and Biochemistry. He is a Medical Doctor, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermatologist, and a Clinical Research Scientist. Plus he also has a Masters in Human Behavior.

Already set up and running virtual appointments and assessments for their large national and international client base, virtual appointments are now also available for local clients due to the safer-at-home order.

Always wanting to help, Dr Nettles has been researching effective ways to treat and prevent viruses like Covid-19.

What he found according the the clinical research is that the best thing to treat a virus is Vitamin C. Clinical studies also showed that the inject-able form of Vitamin C is more effectively absorbed and utilized by the body. Virus’s, unlike bacterial infections such as the common cold, cannot be treated with anti-biotics. A Vitamin C plus B-Complex shot is our best defense.

Dr Nettles is a big fan of the late Linus Pauling winner of two Nobel Prizes, one of which was for his work in nutritional biochemistry. Linus Pauling is considered the father of Vitamin C. The Linus Pauling Institute which was formed to carry on his work and research in this field show clinical evidence of Vitamin C’s value in helping reduce incidence and severity of colds: https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/vitamins/vitamin-C#common-cold-treatment. Linus Pauling’s research also found that increased levels of Vitamins C and D in conjunction with a high protein diet support healthy immune system function.

To learn more about what the studies say and learn how Dr Nettles has incorporated this research into a practical way to help reduce the impact of virus on our health, read more here: https://www.robertnettlesmd.com/immunity-defense

A satisfied patient said: “I had a great experience with Dr. Nettles and Stop and Regrow. Dr. Nettles gave me personalized prescriptions to balance my hormones and regrow my hair. My hair is starting to regrow and I’ve had a lot of positive effects as a result of balancing my hormones, such as decreased levels of stress, more muscle growth and fat loss. Thank you Dr Nettles and Stop and Regrow!”

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