Dr. Mohamed Ali, DDS Transforming Smiles with Invisalign Orthodontics

Move over braces because more San Francisco residents are opting to Invisalign Orthodontics treatment offered by Dr. Mohammed Ali to transform their smiles.

Anyone who has ever had braces or interacted with anyone that has had braces knows how unattractive they are. Not only can they be painful, they change the wearers smile and affect brushing and flossing and flossing techniques. Moreover, some foods have to be avoided because of the risk of breaking a bracket.

Invisalign Orthodontics offers a painless and almost invisible transformation to dental problems such as overbites, underbites, spacing and crowding. But although it offers a solution to transform smiles it may not be right for everyone. As an Invisalign Certified Dentist, Dr. Ali discusses with clients if Invisalign Orthodontics is right for them before embarking on a treatment plan. Once it has been established that the Invisalign Orthodontic treatment is suitable, Dr. Ali customizes an Invisalign treatment plan. While braces are adjusted at every visit, in the case of Invisalign Orthodontics, a new plastic aligner is used to shift the teeth further along the treatment process. And although the process can take up to a year for adult patients, Dr. Ali continuously reviews each patient’s course of treatment and duration.

Even though Invisalign Orthodontics is not a painful treatment, many might still be delaying addressing dental imperfections because of their fear of the dentist. Dr. Ali has over two decades of experience and is renowned for the quality care and comfort he offers to his clients. One patient said: Dr. Ali puts at ease and explains everything properly. He is a great doctor!

Invisalign Orthodontics offer greater benefits when compared to braces. What’s more is that the cost for this treatment is comparable to that of traditional braces. In addition, many dental insurance types offer coverage for Invisalign. For further details about Dr. Ali’s Invisalign Orthodontic service, call (415) – 391-7751 or visit: http://www.malidds.com to schedule a consultation.

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