Dr. Keith Ablow’s Project Prescription Art Celebrates Five Years

Dr. Keith Ablow's Project Prescription art project celebrates five years. Each piece is an idea or phrase that he is willing to shout, and is created with the mission of inspiring people to live with purpose and passion.

In celebration of five years, Dr. Keith Ablow has launched keithablowart.com, a new site for his Project Prescription artwork. In 2015, the psychiatrist and self-help specialist turned his attention to motivational art as a way of helping people connect with the world and embrace their personal power.

More information can be found at: https://www.keithablowart.com

Keith Ablow has been featured in the Boston Globe, Dujour, and other media outlets for this artistic venture. The aim of the project is to encourage living with passion and purpose.

Ablow aims to harness the power of prescription writing and the ability of art and media to make people think. He hopes to bring collectors closer to their heartfelt beliefs and inner goals, whether that is in accordance with the prescriptions or in opposition to them.

Project Prescription was envisioned as a way to utilize motivational energy and self-improvement philosophy to encourage people to live with passion and purpose. Each piece is a custom statement written on a traditional prescription background then enlarged to 24×36 and mounted to aluminum panels to make a big bold and powerful statement.

The pieces are large because they are based on large and impactful ideas. Dr. Keith Ablow explains that these are the ideas he is willing to shout. He explains Project Prescription’s origins. “The idea was to take a culturally powerful medium, the prescription, and to say things that are bigger than, ‘Take this medicine this many times a day.’ These are suggestions for living, ways of looking at the world.”

Collectors of Ablow’s art include Steven A. Cohen, Chris Burch, Todd Morley, and Ronn Torossian. Among his artistic prescriptions: Made out to “You” You already know what you need…; to “You” Stand your ground; “Women” Be fearlessly female twice a week.

For decades, Keith Ablow has worked with individual clients to help them gain clarity on their life. With Project Prescription he aims to take an alternative angle to that approach and encourage clients to use their inner truth to achieve personal empowerment and success. “I have worked with individual clients to help them bring the truths about their lives into focus and to use those truths to become more loving and more POWERFUL. I believe the same lens I use in the healing art of counseling can be trained on our culture, in a search for insights that will move human beings toward bold thought and action.” states Ablow.

He states: “I think we have a lot to say, given all we have been privileged to hear. If only, I have thought in lighthearted moments, I could write prescriptions to reflect deeply, then perhaps many people could be coaxed a bit closer to living with passion and purpose.”

Pieces include “Never Give Up” and “Be Bolder”, designed with the aim of encouraging one to take actionable steps to improving their life. Displayed at home or work, it can be referred to regularly as people question themselves or falter in their mission.

Dr. Ablow practiced psychiatry for 25 years before starting Keith Ablow Creative, an extension of his Pain-2-Power coaching service. Through his art and services his goal is to help others become more personally empowered, improve relationships, actualize their creativity, and live with purpose.

Ablow continues to offer enlarged inspirational pieces but Sometimes Art Says It All – https://www.pain-2-power.com/sometimes-art-says-it-all/ and you can find his words on small prescription trays.

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