Dr. Keith Ablow’s Powerful Feedback Formula for Workplace Accountability

Dr. Keith Ablow details the importance and benefits of powerful, productive feedback in the workplace. He highlights how powerful feedback can have a huge impact on personal and team accountability.

Dr. Keith Ablow has released his formula for giving effective feedback in the workplace. It details how to give powerful, productive feedback that can yield the desired results while maintaining team and personal accountability.

More information can be found at: https://www.pain-2-power.com/giving-powerful-productive-feedback

In his latest Pain-2-Power report, he explains that giving powerful and productive feedback might sound easy, however, in practice it can be more difficult, and is another art form for leaders and all collaborators.

There is a clear distinction between giving powerful feedback and simply stating an opinion. Stating an opinion takes into account only the person sharing it. While giving powerful feedback takes into account both the one sharing their opinion and the effect of that feedback on the intended audience.

Readers will discover that there are a number of elements common to productive, powerful feedback. These include clear communication, being as complete as possible, and maintaining objectivity.

Feedback shouldn’t be an opportunity to vent, but rather to educate and inform. With this in mind, it doesn’t dispirit but rather inspires the intended recipient.

Other common-ground elements include seeking not just to provide direction and inspiration for the moment, but into the future. Powerful feedback isn’t just given when things go wrong – it can be provided following a success too. The primary focus is identifying the patterns that need to change, not just the actions or efforts that could be improved upon.

Dr. Keith Ablow states: “While the list is incomplete, I hope it helps make it clear that productive, powerful feedback has a life of its own, beyond the moment it is given. It stimulates thought, emotion and, generally speaking, action in the recipient.”

The report, Giving Powerful Productive Feedback, is accompanied by a video where Dr. Keith Ablow goes into further detail on the topic. Viewers will learn key concepts to ensure they can communicate their vision powerfully.

Powerful feedback in the workplace is important because it can lead to increased motivation, greater performance, and continuous learning opportunities.

Full details of the video can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxfOid3-UxU

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