Dr. Gordon Jones Guests in The Author Your Brand Show the Second Time Around

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Dr. Gordon Jones graces The Author Your Brand Show once again to share with Doug Crowe his reason for writing his book, "How to Createyourself" and the legacy he wishes to leave behind.

Dr. Gordon Jones is a man of many hats, and he’s done everything very much like Michelangelo to make sure that each one fits perfectly on his head – from being an executive in healthcare business development and investing; mentor-author combo with books written under his names; and an educator at different institutions. The great Dr. Jones was interviewed by Doug Crowe on his show, The Author Your Brand Show.

The interview covered a lot, including how Dr. Jones came up with his unique idea for his book, “How to Createyourself.” The discussion started with the book’s introduction part, an emphasis on the why. When asked about the importance of knowing one’s reason for being, Dr. Jones said that without understanding this basic fact in life we can never create a purpose or goal worth pursuing. But it is not just defining the why but understanding the why. That is to say, when you start your journey, it will not always go the way that makes sense to you, but when you start it, you have to make sure to do it well enough to make yourself proud and eventually find the reason to enjoy it. A professional tone is used by Dr. Jones to also discuss the importance of family and God in creating yourself, which he regards as an important aspect for everyone who wants to better themselves eventually. He is a family man and the biggest reason he created his book was because of how it would help future generations, including his own kids. He’s hoping that his children will use the principles he teaches in this book as a reference for making decisions one day and becoming independent and responsible adults.

After having an exciting career that includes two tours of duty in the 82nd Airborne Division, USA, Dr. Jones earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees from Medical University South Carolina (MUSC). His story is one of struggle, success, and failure. He’s been an entrepreneur for more than three decades with over 30 years of experience in digital health innovation–and counting!

For the full version of his interview visit: https://authoryourbrand.com/podcast/how-to-createyourself2/

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