Downtown Seattle Dentist Oral Hygiene Preventative Dental Information Released

Downtown Seattle general & cosmetic dentistry Seattle's Downtown Dentist has announced the availability of patient information highlighting the importance of oral hygiene. The King County dental hygiene specialists teach patients proper brushing and flossing technique as well as other methods to maintain good dental health.

Downtown Seattle general & cosmetic dentistry Seattle’s Downtown Dentist announced the release of patient information about the importance of oral hygiene. The dentistry emphasizes the need for regular brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and preventative dental treatments from a certified dental practitioner.

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The American Dental Association states that regular and appropriate oral care at home plays a vital role in the maintenance of optimum oral health and the prevention of disease. Dental health practitioners at Seattle’s Downtown Dentist have highlighted the importance of a daily oral and dental routine of brushing and flossing to remove plaque and prevent conditions such as gingivitis.

The Seattle preventative dentistry recommends lifestyle changes such as abstinence or cessation of tobacco use, avoidance of oral piercings, and an active limitation of sugar intake. Seattle’s Downtown Dentist also recommends a visit to its facility where patients are instructed in correct brushing and flossing technique to prevent periodontal diseases.

The King County dental hygiene specialist practice advises that patients use a combination of home oral care techniques and care administered by a qualified dentist to enjoy a healthy smile and long-term dental health.

The Seattle restorative dentistry offers individualized cosmetic dental treatments in Seattle including teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, and other patented products and services such as BriteSmile and Zoom! Other dental services and treatments include extractions, root canals, braces, dental implants, crowns, and dentures.

According to a spokesperson for the Seattle preventative care dentistry, “We believe that good oral hygiene can prevent the occurrence or recurrence of several tooth and gum problems. Our customer advisory underlines our commitment to improving the overall dental health of people across our service area.”

Seattle’s Downtown Dentist is a full-service general, implants, and cosmetic dentistry for children, adults, and adolescents. The practice is headed by Dr. Trevor D. Kanack, a registered dental professional with a DDS from Texas A&M University. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, and the Seattle-King County Dental Society. More information is available over the phone at 206-202-0111 and at the URL above.

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