Downtown Maid Expands its Cleaning Services to the SoFi Area of Miami Beach

Downtown Maid recently opened its doors to provide professional Eco-friendly cleaning services to residents in the Miami Beach area.

Residents in the South of Fifth area of Miami Beach can now access Downtown Maid’s services which include residential cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning and after-construction cleanup by quickly booking an appointment at or by calling 305-699-6243

With the rise of a new, eco-conscious generation, there has been a growing need for green cleaning services. A new cleaning company is now here to serve South Beach’s luxury high-rises. The company – Downtown Maid – recently opened its doors to provide professional cleaning services to residents in the Miami Beach area.

These services are designed to fill the cleaning services gap created by the recent demographic boom and include post-construction clean-up, move-in and move-out cleaning. Besides the one-off move-in / move-out or post construction cleaning services, the company is also offering high-quality residential cleaning on a recurring basis.

According to company sources, what differentiates Downtown Maid’s services from its competitors is that they take an eco-friendly approach to cleaning. The company CEO, Ms. Mariann Szucs said:

“We, as a company, are passionate about protecting our environment. Therefore all our cleaning methods and the products we use are environmentally friendly, safe for humans and safe for the environment. Our number one goal is to provide residents in the Miami Beach area with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning services.”

To provide this green alternative, Downtown Maid has a team of highly trained professionals. Each of the company’s cleaning specialists undergoes a background check before getting hired. Upon hire, they are professionally trained, equipped and insured. Therefore whoever uses the company’s services assured of the highest levels of professionalism and execution.

To ensure that its clients get the greatest service possible, Downtown Maid offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Under this arrangement, customers are charged only, if they are fully satisfied with the work. In case they are not, the company will redo the work to the client’s utmost satisfaction. In cases where the client feels their standards haven’t been met, the business will refund their money. This guarantee ensures that customers get the best cleaning services possible.

Downtown Maid’s services are available seven days a week. On weekdays, the business operates from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm; on weekends from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. During these working hours, the company can deploy teams to any place in the Miami Beach and surrounding areas. Whoever requires access to the services can make an appointment online at or call 305-699-6243.

Ultimately, cleaning is a fundamental part of ensuring the well-being and safety of people living in a household. Downtown Maid has just presented an opportunity for the residents in the Miami Beach area to benefit from a professional, eco-friendly and affordable cleaning service.

Anyone who is passionate about the environment and favors green living should make the most of these services. Appointments can be reserved online, in less than a minute, at Alternatively, before committing to booking an appointment, review their services at

About Downtown Maid

Downtown Maid is a locally owned and operated business committed to providing environmentally friendly cleaning and maid services in the Miami Metro area. Its services include move-in/move-out cleaning, residential cleaning, after construction cleanup and anything in-between. Details of the company’s services can be found on its official website,

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