Downtown Edmonton Deep Tissue Massage – Muscle Rehabilitation Therapy Launched

Evolution Massage Care Clinic (+1-780-668-9743) has announced a new update to its treatments for clients throughout Downtown Edmonton. The massage therapists offer specialist deep tissue treatments for pain relief and rehabilitation.

The latest update is part of the clinic’s focus on providing local residents with a versatile range of massage therapy options. These include couple massage, hot stone treatments, and therapeutic sessions.

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Studies show that, following the impact of the pandemic, families are experiencing increased stress both at home and in the workplace. Evolution Massage Care Clinic has updated its services to ensure that Edmonton residents have access to the holistic treatments they need.

Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for many muscle-related ailments because it breaks down muscle adhesions, which cause pain and inflammation. Practitioners will apply deep pressure to the length of the clients’ muscle fibers, breaking up knots and aligning the tissue.

Studies show that deep tissue treatments can help the client to relax, whether they are experiencing stress or anxiety at home or work. Treatments at Evolution Massage Care Clinic can also alleviate some of the more physical symptoms of stress, which include headaches and sore, aching muscles.

Chronic pain can also be managed and reduced through holistic massage sessions. These issues typically see patients experiencing muscle tension, which can be loosened directly by targeting the tight tissue clusters.

Deep tissue massage can be used in combination with medication for pain relief, and provides a cost-effective holistic solution for those wishing to manage issues such as plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia.

Evolution Massage Care Clinic aims to make booking a massage treatment as easy as possible for local families. Appointments can be booked online or via the telephone.

Each session can be tailored based on the time requirements and needs of the individual. Sessions begin at 45 minutes in length, and can be offered for up to 120 or 180 minutes for some treatments.

A spokesperson for the clinic states: “Your wellbeing is our priority. We are specialized in massage therapy, and our practitioners are trained to administer specialized techniques. These include deep tissue options, pregnancy massage, sports massage therapy, and more.”

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