Doug Crowe shares strategies in succeeding as a Best Selling Author

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Self Publishing Expert Doug Crowe shares strategies that get authors closer to their dreams of becoming Best Selling Authors through his publication house on the Milan Sharma Show.

Doug Crowe was recently interviewed by Milan Sharma on his podcast, Milan Sharma Show.

Sharma’s show guest stars entrepreneurs and globe trotters often asking candidly revealing questions that bring out worthy slices of life experiences.

Crowe is the founder of “Author Your Brand.” A 12-year self-publishing agency that has been helping C-suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Speakers become bestselling authors without them having to write a word.

With over 275 No.1 Best-Selling Authors in Amazon, it doesn’t look like Doug’s company is showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

And his secret sauce isn’t much of a secret. According to Crowe, “We have developed a unique system where we got a journalist, ghostwriter, proofer, and editor working in conjunction with the author”. We bring out their personality, their voice, and their message across by asking the right questions thanks to the journalist and then we got something interesting to write about,” he adds.

Furthermore, Crowe’s strategy copies that of Forbes’ 500 Forbes Corporations like international manufacturer, Procter and Gamble who creates focus groups on products before releasing it. Similar to this, Crowe does multiple focus groups to find out if readers are interested in the book idea even the book cover before its release.

“If it’s a good idea, it’s good for everybody then we continue with publication. If it’s not, then the author knows how to tweak his idea or find new ideas that someone will be interested in reading. Either way, a little bit of expense in Market research saved them thousands of dollars in book writing investment,” said Crowe.

Only Crowe’s company, Author Your Brand is actively pursuing Book Market Research as one of their key services in providing aid to aspiring authors.

To Crowe, publishing a book is the start of it all. It is the beginning of the relationship with a reader or a future course taker. For this to work, Crowe believes that the book should make a positive impact on the future. It’s not just about being a Best Seller. It’s about making a difference in society.

Should people consider the long arduous process of publishing a book? Doug remains positive that some people can do it if not all. The process of writing, publishing, and marketing is impossible to do alone. But everyone has the potential to make a positive dent in the universe or the world in general.

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