Dot&Dot Announces Exciting Release of Drawstring Backpack and Multipurpose Pouch

The company announced the release of their two latest products in this category, the Dot & Dot Drawstring Backpack and Dot & Dot Multipurpose Pouch, both crafted to the highest standards.

There’s no doubt at all that making the right choice in travel accessories can save a traveler time, increase their comfort and remove a great deal of potential headaches and other problems. Dot & Dot have established themselves as a new leader in the travel accessories space, winning a great deal of praise for their growing catalog of quality products. Recently, Dot & Dot announced the release of two new innovative, premium products the Dot & Dot drawstring backpack and the Dot & Dot 4-piece multipurpose organizer bags. Shoppers have responded to the news with enthusiasm.

“We’re very proud of our latest two products and we know our customers are going to find the valuable travel companions,” commented a spokesperson from Dot & Dot Travel. “Both our drawstring backpack and our organizer bags are high quality, rugged and dependable, and beyond just being their for a trip, also are great for everyday use too.”

According to the company, the Dot & Dot Multipurpose Pouch comes with four different sized pocket organizers ranging from extra small ( 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″) to Large (14″ x 10″ x 1″) making them very useful for holding and storing any number of different items like travel documents, clothes, cosmetic kit, makeup, underwear, and much more. They manufactured to be tough, durable and water resistant and all feature a carabiner hook on the side for easy organization.

The Dot & Dot Drawstring Backpack is also made to the highest standards, being both water resistant and near impossible to rip or tear. It features a drawstring closure and is very useful for a gym bag, a lightweight backpack or many other common uses.

Both products come backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are available both directly from Dot & Dot Travel and on the marketplace.

Feedback for the company continues to be positive across the board.

Chris C., from Washington, recently said in a five star review, “I order travel accessories from Dot & Dot Travel exclusively, since their products haven’t ever come close to letting me down and their affordable price points never fail to impress. I just picked up a Dot & Dot Drawstring Backpack and use it to bring my gear with me to my CrossFit classes. Amazing product and fully recommended. I’m about to order a second for my wife.”

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