Don't Panic Santa Will Arrive On Time, says MIDGE

Midge Summerfield continues to release Christmassy short stories that have been locked in her imagination for over sixty years


Rookie septuagenarian Author Midge Summerfield responds to the many worried parents who have contacted her about their fears of a repetition of last Christmas Eve’s turmoil in Santa’s Christmas Village.

Following her revelations that Reindeers Can sing and the publication of data in support of her claims, Midge has been inundated with mail querying the efficiency of the Dispatch Department at the bearded Gent’s North Pole Headquarters.

In light of last years fiasco she feels that the anxieties being expressed are not without foundation, however, they can positively be dispelled. Karl, the shipping Foreman has assured her that he and his Elves have solved all previous problems and have a solid back up contingency plan (B) if all else fails.

“Last year “says Karl “there were three major problems. Four if we count Santa’s bad temper. Each of these have been addressed and overcome First in order of seriousness, was the doors. Last year the newly installed electric doors failed to open. When we learned the cause of this we spent weeks chasing down the rodent family which had gummed up the works. They have been removed to a safer location, for them and us! After weeks of tests and retests we are now 100% positive the doors are A+ operational” “Second, delay in getting Santa’s sleigh loaded and airborne caused long queues of support sleighs as they waited for their own loads to be available. This year we have a two lane system in place.”

“Third, the waiting sleighs prevented the Fire Service Vehicles getting to us as quickly as they should. They had to carry ladders to us. Fortunately, when they arrived and set up the ladders we were able to get all the packages out through a window. We will never have this problem again. Now I have ladders and fire fighting equipment on site, and a direct link to the Elf Fire Department.”

“So Midge, you can tell everyone Don’t Panic! Santa will arrive on time this year, just as he has for hundreds of years before.” Midge says she is happy to do so.


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