Donald Trump VP Candidate Gingrich Brewer Palin List Report Launched

Gentleman Tips, a website specializing in list based articles, has released a new report focusing on the candidates for vice presidency if Donald Trump wins. Called The Top 10 Contenders For Donald Trump's VP Spot, it is available online now.

The Gentleman Tips report website has announced the launch of a special American presidential race report that focuses on the contenders vying for the Vice President spot if Donald Trump wins. The Gentleman Tips report is titled The Top 10 Contenders For Donald Trump’s VP Spot, and breaks down the contenders into separate pages so the reader can better focus on them and what they have to offer.

More information can be found on the Gentleman Tips website at:

Gentleman Tips has an established history of gathering list articles together with topics like 12 insurance scams to look out for, and how to avoid auto insurance problems. It also features lighter topics, like perfectly timed photos that have led to comical and surprising situations. It’s latest list article seeks to focus on the figures who might work alongside a successful Trump in the White House.

The first candidate it features is Bob Corker, who as Tennessee senator met with Trump recently and had a good discussion about foreign policy and domestic issues. Another option, the report explains, would be Sarah Palin. The former governor of Alaska endorsed Trump last January and since then has been vocal in her support.

Other options listed in the Gentleman Tips report include Jan Brewer, a former Arizona governor. Instead of her, the report also underscores it could be Newt Gingrich, the former house speaker who has close ties to Donald Trump. The report says that former Republican candidate Ben Carson is rumored to have recommended Gingrich to Trump directly.

Other names on the list include Mary Fallin, the Oklahoma governor who has been singled out by Trump in the past, Michael Flynn, the retired Lt General who also serves as one of Trump’s most trusted advisers, and Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator, who agrees with Trump on issues like immigration.

Rounding out the list are Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Mark Cuban. The full list, with key information on all the individuals, is available on the Gentleman Tips website

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