Donald Trump: A Model for Real Estate Savvy Home Ownership the Donald Trump Way

As one person familiar with the issue pointed out – even in the game of Monopoly, if one goes around the game numerous time paying rent, the results are usually not favorable.

Las Vegas, NV, 11-16-2015 – With a self-made score of 5 and a net worth of $4.5 billion (according to Forbes Magazine Online), real estate mogul Donald Trump could teach working people some things about the importance of home ownership. Trump amassed his wealth through real estate, and is the owner of several homes. See link here: Not everyone has financial favor like Trump, but The Vegas Home Sellers is helping to level the playing field for those who wish to break out of the rent cycle.

Even if one doesn’t gain the level of domestic and international properties as has presidential hopeful Donald Trump, his achievements still speak volumes about owning versus renting. For example, by being owner of such properties as Trump Towers, Trump Plazas, Trump Park (Parc) and other multiple site holdings, he is the rent collector while those who are able to afford to stay in his high end properties are the renters. He gets paid for their brief stays in his well-appointed suites and rooms. They get the temporary satisfaction of enjoying wonderful accommodations, concierge services, breath-snatching views and more. Once their stay is over, they are gone. For him, the benefits as a rent collector continue.

To expand this corollary, anyone who rents gets to enjoy the property of another for a specified time period. Once that time is over, or they can’t afford to pay any longer – they have to leave. It’s the owner of those homes, apartments, duplexes and townhouses that is in the better shape in the long-term. They’ve collected rent for however long their renters pay. They build or buy a property and continue to reap a harvest, which is referred to as residual income.

If he were asked about it from a presidential viewpoint, Trump probably wouldn’t approve of the people in this country paying rent.

In all likelihood, if he became this nation’s president, he would probably try to turn more renters into homeowners. Homeownership is one of a few things that made America great and can make America great again. Dated June 17, 2015, and titled “After an Era of

Ups and Downs, Home Prices Return to Sanity,” the article makes it clear that securing a home is a sound investment, is a way to provide for one’s children and is a way to end a cycle of perpetual payouts through indefinite renting.

Down payments don’t always have to be secured through the type of sacrifice made by the couple given as an example in the article (they decided to use money for a honeymoon for a down payment on a house). The Vegas Home Sellers program helps renters get preapproved and cover the cost of down payments. Their agents will use their resources to find a home that can be purchased for a price similar to the current rent outlay.

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