Don Marvin Nonis accepts 2nd invitation to London Fashion Week

Don Marvin Nonis makes another appearance during London Fashion Week, Marvin wants to show the London and the world his new luxury handbag collection, as well as his ladies collection.


Marvin truly is a Don through his family heritage, though some people miss understand the title for thinking that Don (mostly used in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America) as equal to an English Mr, when it is actually equal to an English Sir title. A knight of the realm.

The Designer

This great multi-talented designer was happy but not surprised about his up and coming appearance at London Fashion Week for a second time, during one of the biggest fashion events in London. He stated that this great event gives him another opportunity to show even more handbags and his clothing collection. He brings a totally new show for his wonderful collection of womenswear which includes Business wear, Day wear and Evening dresses and of course his much anticipated collection of luxury handbags. His capacity for producing such high quality and high class items seems to know no bounds. As he has often stated ‘Fashion has no limits’ and it seems the sky is no limit for Marvin. Most designers would be daunted by the schedule of 2 shows in 3 days, but Marvin being a total professional accepts this challenge in his stride.

Marvin Nonis is establishing himself as a prominent and in demand designer in London and London Fashion Week means it is a very month for him, performing in 2 Fashion Shows within 1 week, which is in itself an amazing feat, but one thing is for sure that Marvin will be providing another very special show.

The Event


Marvin’ stunning range of handbags and also women’s collection can be seen exclusively at IC LONDON FASHION WEEK, run by good friend and colleague Izabela Calik (CEO, Founder and designer) who brings together an amazing group of designers from around the world to London, with celebrity VIPs.







Venue: 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN, United Kingdom


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