Dominican Republic Coral Reef Eco-Tours Bavaro La Romana Excursions Announced

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Dominican Republic eco-tour and excursion company, SeavisTours, announced an update to their eco-friendly policies with the aim to reduce bleaching of coral reefs.

SeavisTours, a family-operated eco-tour and excursion outfit operating out of the Dominican Republic, announced an update of its services to provide eco-friendly tours leaving from Punta Cana, Bavaro, La Romana, and Bayahibe. They also recommend their guests use suncreens that do not have oxybenzone.

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In their latest announcement SeavisTours aims to protect the coral reefs from bleaching caused by exposure to certain sunscreen products.

While there are many potential causes of coral bleaching, such as climate change, overfishing, and agricultural or urban run-off, there’s only one cause where tourists can easily make a difference. In a 2015 study, it was shown that oxybenzone, a common ingredient in many sunscreen products, can have negative effects on young coral and coral cell cultures.

SeavisTours brings tourists to see some of the most beautiful and fragile places in the natural world. To ensure that these sites remain pristine and beautiful in the future, being a responsible tourist is critical. There are easy adjustments one can make to preserve these wonders of nature, and one of the simplest is to ensure that the cosmetic ingredients introduced into the environments tourists visit aren’t harmful to it.

Oxybenzone has the ability to absorb and stabilize ultraviolet light, and because of this, it’s found in many everyday products often used by tourists. These can include sunscreen, fragrances, hairspray, and other cosmetics. Not all sunscreens contain oxybenzone, in many countries the chemical is banned or restricted to small amounts. A quick glance through the ingredients list when preparing for your coral reef adventure is all it takes to help preserve the natural beauty of these underwater environments.

SeavisTours has been offering small eco-friendly tours since 1999, stopping at remote locations, away from the crowds, to bring attention to nature and the authentic local culture. With over 3000 fantastic reviews, their expert guides guarantee personal attention on every excursion. As a family-owned and operated outfit, they never sell third-party tours. All aspects of the tour are handled in-house, so the company can take full responsibility and control all aspects of each excursion.

One satisfied client said, “Fantastic excursion. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and funny staff. I loved how many places we were able to visit. Would highly recommend it.”

Interested parties can get more information about the full reef eco-tours from the SeavisTours website at

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