DollarUpload Launches OfferWall Helping Them Provide The Best Payouts For Free Digital Downloads

DollarUpload has enabled people to get the very best return on consumer surveys through OfferWall, which shows people the best pay outs available.

Lots of people like to upload files for others to share, including everything from entertainment to educational resources to practical manuals and guides. Most people do this out of generosity, but entrepreneurial people understand that there is an opportunity to make money from this service. DollarUpload is a website that allows people to offer their digital products for free to consumers, but earn money by having those consumers fill out a survey to access the download. The site has now created OfferWall, which shows uploaders the best survey rates available so they can maximize the dollars earned by those who download the file share.

The OfferWall is a powerful tool that people can embed into their website as a wall between individuals and the content they seek, to unlock the offer walls individuals simply fill out the survey, then download the content they want for free. However, the content creator earns the financial incentive for filling out the survey, allowing them to make their money.

The DollarUpload OfferWall is now available for all users and helps them maximize their return on investment because the offerwall automatically furnishes the end-user with the survey that has the biggest available financial reward. Users are said to average $1,000 for every 1,000 downloads.

A spokesperson for DollarUpload explained, “The OfferWall is the latest innovation from the DollarUpload service and is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and even PS4. The OfferWall helps people monetize their downloadable items without having to ask for money from their downloaders, essentially getting money for market research in exchange for providing an app, game, video or similar. To help people understand the concept and the opportunity it presents them, we have created a video introduction available to view now on the website.”

About DollarUpload: Dollar Upload is a site that enables individuals with files, apps or other downloadable products to pitch them at consumers in exchange for simply filling out a survey, to reap the monetary reward in exchange for their files. The site has just launched an offerwall that helps people maximize the payout they get for every survey completed by finding the best deals available.

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