Dogisto’s Study Reveals Around 27% of Dog Owners Walk Their Pets Once a Day

Every dog must get enough exercise on a daily basis to stay healthy and happy. The Dogisto’s study shows that around 27% of dog owners neglect their dogs’ needs and walk their pets once daily, which is not good for their physical and mental health.

(Sheridan, Wyoming) The Dogisto website conducted a new study on Thursday 1st September 2016 that involved 233 dog owners. The study shows that 61 (26.18%) dog owners walk their dogs once a day while 68 (29.18%) walk their pets twice a day. is a website for dog enthusiasts that provides dog-related news, stories, videos, tips and information, and helps people to be the best dog owners they can. The website is owned by Markus Koeberle and was launched in (year). For more information, please visit The Dogisto’s study also revealed that 39 (16.74%) dog owners are willing to walk their buddies three times a day, 38 (16.74%) walk their dogs four times a day, and only 27 (11.59%) have enough time to walk their dogs four times a day.

The aim of the study is to let people who own or are planning to buy or adopt a dog know that having a dog is a huge responsibility. No matter how busy dog owners are, they should find time to walk their pets at least twice a day. Walking a dog once a day has been shown to affect a dog’s health and it can lead to a number of serious diseases, including obesity, heart disease, chronic depression, and can significantly shorten dog’s life expectancy.

The analysis shows that around 27% of dog owners are unaware of these dangers. Although the busy lifestyle is a major culprit, most dog owners are just too lazy to walk their pups. The worst thing is, some dog owners despite the recommendations from vets don’t take their dogs out for days and even weeks. The Dogisto website highlights the importance of walking dogs by publishing its shocking findings and is trying to make ‘lazy’ or ‘busy’ dog owners reconsider their lifestyles and dedicate more time to their pets’ health.

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