Dog Supplements For Itchy Skin Are Better Than Ever Says Zoomdog

Supplements for itchy dogs are now available through Zoomdog, dog supplements, based out of Golden, Colorado with a reputation for taking a natural approach in treating issues with hunting dogs.

Golden, Colorado- Zoomdog, the top dog supplement company based out of beautiful Golden, Colorado has announced their supplements for itchy dogs are some of the best, if not the best, on the market today.

According to Zoomdog, many dogs suffer the symptoms of itchy skin or coat, and unfortunately sometimes both. The company had this to say about the common issue with dogs, “A lot of dog owners may not know the symptoms of allergies or just generalized itchy skin or coat. Dogs with skin, coat and allergy issues may have one or more of the following problems including; Licking excessively, Crustiness around eyes, Red, irritated skin, Chewing on paws, Dull coat, Dandruff, and excessive scratching their stomach or ears”. The team at Zoomdog goes on to explain, “These are just a few of the symptoms your dog may have, and if just one symptom applies, the pup could be suffering from allergies or skin & coat problems. Sporting and gun dogs are bred to make them really great at what they do. They can work in harsh environments that can be hard on their skin and coats. This same special breeding can also make them more likely to have these problems”.

The dog supplement company says they not only want dog owners to be aware of the symptoms that may mean their dogs are suffering from allergies or itchy skin and coat, but also how to treat and care for the uncomfortable symptoms. According to Zoomdog, their supplements are the latest method of treating itchy dogs.

“There are many ways owners can help their dogs. There are conventional topical treatments, antihistamines, and corticosteroids; and with complementary therapies, such as nutritional supplements,” explains Teresa Lynch, of Zoomdog Supplements for dogs. “It is absolutely always a good idea to check with your veterinarian if the problem is serious to make sure you know exactly what is going on with your dog. However, for mild cases of itchiness, a supplement that provides extra nutrients shown to help support healthy skin and coats may be just the thing to help, and that is exactly what we provide.

Dr. Messionnier, a Veterinary Doctor with years of experience in treating pets with allergies supports the use of multiple therapies to help allergic dogs, once an accurate diagnosis has been made.

Dr. Messionnier had this to say on the company’s website, “It is actually quite troubling to me that so many pets with chronic allergies are being treated long-term with potentially harmful medicines, like steroids and antihistamines, without attempting any other safer options. The lack of safe, long-term, and effective conventional treatments for allergic pets is the reason I first became interested in these complementary therapies. I was frustrated at seeing the same pets in my hospital month after month for their allergy shots and a dose of steroid pills. Even though I could help these pets stop itching for a few weeks, they would always come back for more drugs. I just wanted something to decrease their reliance on corticosteroids.”

Zoomdog stands by the incredible formula in their top of the line supplements and encourages interested folks to check out the selection and learn more about itchy skin and coat as well as other hunting dog issues their supplements may help with. More info can be found at

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