Dog Smell Passage Of Time Cognition Lab Canine Research Report Launched

A dog news and funny video site has launched a new report on how dogs are able to smell time. Because of changes in the air, research shows that dogs can smell the change in time as it progresses throughout the day.

A new report has been launched by Daily Dog Dosage focusing on the power of dogs noses and new research that suggests that they can tell the time by using them. The report, which uses a recent study as its foundation, explains that dogs rely on on their noses for vital information, and that their noses far exceed their human counterparts.

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Research shows that a dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint, helping people to identify them and distinguish between them with ease. More scientists are studying dog’s noses than ever before, partly because of dog involvement in the military and as sniffer dogs, but also because they are well worth investigating in their own right.

Dog’s sniffing abilities have been studied at universities around the world for years, but now more so than ever before they are being looked at, and new research has uncovered an interesting truth about them.

According to a study conducted by the Dog Cognition Lab at Bernard College, a dog can actually tell the time of day by using its nose. Dog’s have long been known to primarily engage with the world around them using their nose, but this new evidence shows a whole new level to the process.

Alexandra Horowitz, the founder of the lab, has written about how a dog understands the concept of time in her book, Being a Dog. Because the smell of the day changes as time moves, in essence dogs are able to smell time.

This is because, as the day moves on, heat rises up to the top of a room, at the edge of the room, along the walls, and travels back down through the middle of the space. This creates a change in air density, which in turn creates a change in smell, which the dog is able to pick up.

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