Dog Nasal Saline Flush For Congestion – Health And Wellness Report Released

Blogging resource My Best Bark has released a report titled "Can You Flush A Dog’s Nose with Saline?" which dog owners can turn to the next time their pet is struggling with congestion.

Online blogging platform My Best Bark, a health, wellness, and informational resource for dog owners, has released a report that examines the use of saline sprays as a way of clearing a dog’s blocked nasal passages. Titled “Can You Flush A Dog’s Nose with Saline?” the report provides useful information and guidance owners can turn to the next time their pet appears to be struggling with congestion.

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Dog owners agree their pups are like children to them and they’ll do what they can to ensure their ongoing health and happiness. With the release of the new report, My Best Bark gives tips for clearing a dog’s nasal cavities in a safe and natural manner.

Dogs can suffer stuffy noses in the same way people can. To help clear these blockages owners can therefore apply the same type of saline solution that would be used to unblock an infant’s sinuses.

Saline solutions designed to unblock nasal cavities are made of water and .9 percent sodium chloride (salt). This compound mimics tears and is, therefore, a safe and natural way of unplugging a dog’s blocked nostrils. A saline flush breaks up accumulated mucus, allergens, and other bits of debris, and moistens mucous membranes as well.

If a dog begins pawing its snout, has extra mucus around the nasal area, or appears to be breathing through its mouth, they’re likely suffering from congestion.

The report cautions dog owners to consult their veterinarian before applying any health treatment to ensure their vet is informed and that they agree the procedure is appropriate.

The report also cautions against trying to flush a dog’s nose without help from someone who can secure their head.

To ensure the solution is sprayed directly into the cavity quickly and efficiently, individuals are advised to keep their dog calm, yet firmly under their control. If the dog feels afraid or strongly resists the treatment, owners are advised not to continue, and to contact their veterinarian instead.

With the release of their report “Can You Flush A Dog’s Nose with Saline?” the online resource helps owners keep their pups healthy and breathing easily without turning to medications.

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