Dog Nail Clippers Back In Stock With New Feature

Brand new stock of Wagglies’ dog nail clippers has arrived at Amazon UK and the clippers are now available with a free dog nail file.

Since launching their dog nail clippers onto Amazon UK and U.S. in December 2015, Wagglies have seen a large amount of customer demand for their product. They have also received a large amount of feedback from their customers, leading them to add a new feature to their already popular dog nail clippers.

The brand’s popular dog nail clippers are now back in stock on Amazon UK, but they now have an added feature. Each pair of dog nail clippers will now be accompanied by a matching dog nail file. The brand were keen to add value to their product and they decided that adding a dog nail file would be the best way to do that.

“We are always looking to add to our products to make them better for our customers.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “Through examining feedback from customers and discussing our options with our suppliers, we are now able to offer a free matching nail file with every pair of clippers.”

The brand wanted to offer an addition that would be most useful to customers during the dog nail clipping process.

“We spoke to our customers and asked them what would be the best addition for them – which is the only way to get an honest and accurate picture of how we can enhance our product’s offering.” continued Dan, “Wagglies is a family business and we all have dogs of our own, but it’s still best to get an independent viewpoint from our customers. We are grateful for their time and support while we were developing the nail file that now comes with our clippers.”

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are now back in stock on Amazon UK, with a new free nail file included in each pack. The listing can be found here:…

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