Dog Deshedding Tool Grooming Brush Multifunctional Pet Care Collection Announced

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Alpsy Group, an online pet care and travel retailer, launched a new collection of multifunctional pet grooming tools. Ideal for both grooming and de-matting, all Alpsy Group brushes come with high-quality blades of various lengths, providing precise pet care for various coat types.

Alpsy Group, an online retailer specializing in travel and pet care products, announced a new collection of professional pet grooming tools with large, medium and small detachable stainless steel blades. The Alpsy Group tools are ideal for pet owners looking for a versatile tool that can be used for both grooming and de-shedding.

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Pet grooming is important for both pets and owners. With long-hair breeds, de-matting, de-shedding and grooming are essential to avoid issues associated with fur accumulations, potential allergens, coat damage and various other.

Alpsy Group has recently announced a new collection of multi-functional pet grooming brushes with various blade sizes. The five brushes can each be used to comb, brush, de-shed and de-tangle dog and cat hair.

Dog owners can choose between Alpsy Group tools coming with a single-size large (4”/100 mm), medium (3”/76 mm) or small (2”/50 mm) blades, or opt for models coming with two different blade sizes (large and medium or medium and small).

For improved handling, each Alpsy Group brush features an anti-slip grip with additional hypoallergenic properties. The handles are made of TPE/PP environmentally responsible materials.

Alpsy Group strives to create high-quality pet care products that facilitate pet grooming in various environments. The hair ejector function – a feature available on all new Alpsy Group brushes – allows convenient removal of hair from the blade assembly, avoiding hair falling and improving efficiency.

Top coat damage is one of the most important issues with many de-matting tools. Alpsy Group designed the new tools to ensure effective undercoat hair removal while protecting the topcoat, minimizing topcoat hair loss.

All Alpsy Group de-matting tools are multifunctional, being ideal for use as a comb or a precise de-matting rake.

Interested parties can find more information on the new Alpsy Group collection by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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