Dog Calming Chews from DakPets Helps Protect Dogs from Anxiety Attacks

Calming Treats for Dogs, the latest pet care product to be released by DakPets is now making lives easier for dog owners. Powered by the healing capabilities of several top class natural ingredients, the product helps alleviate anxiety attacks in dogs during stressful situations.

DakPets continues their tradition of coming up with world-class pet care products. The company has recently announced the launch of their new Dog Calming Chews that help dogs with aggressive, hyper active and agitated tendencies. The natural, soothing ingredients present in this product work together as a relaxant to help eliminate stress symptoms such as jumping, biting and barking. The product is now selling successfully on for a super low introductory price of $15.59, by using coupon code PKJARXVC

Just like human beings, dogs also experience anxiety and stress because of a number of factors. The most common form of dog anxiety is caused by noises from thunderstorms, construction sites, fireworks, or even vacuum cleaners. Separation anxiety is another common form that is caused by separation of a dog from its owner. Different social situations involving other animals or humans may also lead to anxiety. In the worst case, dog anxiety may cause serious problems such as excessive barking, aggression, escaping tendency, destructive behaviour and even panic attacks.

DakPets states that their new dog treats help to relax the dogs to relieve stress caused by separation, noise environments, and crowded public places. This capability of the product can be attributed to its ingredients such as chamomile flower powder, passion flower powder, and L-Tryptophan. The product also contains Organic Hemp, an excellent anti stress ingredient that helps it function as a great soothing remedy for dogs.

Dog owners often complain about products that their dogs hate the taste of. In order to solve this problem, DakPets has created a great tasting treat with a natural duck flavour. The product has been manufactured in the United States maintaining stringent quality standards, without using gluten, wheat, corn, sugars, salts, or gumming agents.

“ If you’re a dog owner who really needs a naturally-derived, great tasting, well-priced dog treat but can’t find one that works, our dog treat is the answer you’ve been looking for,” claims Rob Scrivens- senior spokesperson from DakPets. “Please visit our Amazon store today because we have some excellent specials and deals coming up just for you.”

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About DakPets: DakPets is a world-renowned pet care brand with an impressive range of products. The company’s name is synonymous with high quality and exceptional value in pet supplies. All their products are made and developed by professional experts that specialize in different breeds of dogs, cats, and even horses, grooming tools and general pet wellness.

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