Dog Brand Release New Dog Nail Clippers Onto

After launching onto, Wagglies have launched their brand new dog nail clippers onto

This week, Wagglies have launched a brand new dog grooming product, after months of successful trading with their debut product, puppy training pads. The product, a dog nail clipper, is a professional tool aimed at the domestic market.

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are designed with owners and pets in mind, so safety and ease of use are key things that the brand are keen to put across to potential customers. The nail clippers have a raised stainless steel tip for a better clipping angle and a built-in safety guard to prevent accidents.

“We know that owners want the very best for their pets, so we’ve thought about their needs when we’ve created our dog nail clippers.” said Dan Clayton, owner of Wagglies, “We’re keen to sell the best dog nail clippers on the market.”

“Our dog nail clippers are different to any others on the market because we have a raised tip that we know will be useful to pet owners.” continued Dan, “The built-in safety guard gives owners peace of mind that they and their pet are safe from the super sharp blades on our dog nail clippers.”

Through thorough market research, Wagglies have identified that safety is a particular concern when owners are looking to clip their pets’ nails at home.

“Safety is important to us because it’s important to our customers.” added Dan, “We are pet owners too and we wouldn’t sell anything to our customers that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our dog nail clippers have been tried and tested with harsh canine critics!”

With safety such a concern for their customers, Wagglies provide a bonus PDF safety guide free with every product. The guide, ‘5 Step Guide To Safely Trim Your Dog’s Nails’. includes diagrams, instructions and tips to give confidence to unsure owners. The brand are keen for their customers to be confident when using their dog nail clippers.

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are going live to Brits this week and Wagglies are hopeful that their nail clippers will be welcomed by pet owners.

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are now available from Amazon UK, with an RRP of £19.99 but currently on sale at £7.99:…

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