Dog Bed With Orthopedic Memory Foam For Labradors and German Shepherds Release

A newly released orthopedic dog bed for large breed dogs like golden retrievers, rottweilers, great danes, mastiffs, labradors and German shepherds is set to help relieve dogs suffering discomfort from resting or sleeping on an ordinary dog bed.

Large breed dogs like golden retrievers, rottweilers, great danes, mastiffs, labradors and German shepherds suffering discomfort on an ordinary bed and needing orthopedic dog beds with memory foam to sleep and recover adequately after exercise can now get the rest they need on a newly released dog bed.

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Large and extra large dogs are often highly active especially if they’re outdoors regularly, have caring owners who take them regularly for walks and plays or they have a large yard or a rural property where they can run. The problem many of these dogs experience is they find it difficult to get comfortable on a regular sized dog bed.

Cheaper and inadequately sized dog beds can rob a dog of sleep and lead to chronic soreness and fatigue in larger sized dog breeds. A new dog bed designed and sized for large dog breeds with high quality memory foam can add comfort and give larger dogs the rests they need.

Some cheaper beds are also made of materials that can be toxic or give off toxic fumes which is the last thing a caring dog owner wants for their pet.

The newly released Big Barker bed is made in the USA and specifically designed for larger dog breeds. It has premium quality memory foam that is guaranteed to last and is orthopedically crafted so large dogs can get comfortable and have a place to rest their heads.

Because the bed is designed to last hygiene was also considered in the design with the cover of the bed simple to remove and wash with a quality durable zipper and a cover that is fine for washing in a regular washing machine and dryer.

The high quality super premium certified memory foam is thick and designed to truly support a large dog in high comfort and comes with a 10 year warranty against flattening (the warranty guarantees over 90% of loft retention or a bed replacement).

The new bed is also ideal for dogs who are recovering from surgery or suffering from medical conditions like arthritis. The poor memory foam stops dogs from tossing or turning due to discomfort and leads to brighter, healthier, happier and more energetic dogs.

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