Dog Bathing Deep Clean Paws And Belly Grooming Techniques Guide Launched

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The Pooch Lover has launched a detailed new guide covering how to bathe dogs effectively. It features in-depth tips and guidance on reliable dog bathing techniques that can help with any breed.

A detailed, informative and helpful new dog bathing guide has been launched explaining how to bathe dogs effectively. The Pooch Lover goes into detail on what to do if dogs hate baths as well as other helpful bathing points, making it ideal for pet owners that want to find out how best to care for their dog and how to give their dog a bath.

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Now they’ve released a new guide covering bathing techniques. The guide explains that giving dogs baths is a skill that needs to be learned and mastered and that most dogs do not like water.

When dogs hate getting wet, it can make bath time difficult for the owner and for the dog. Placing a towel in an empty bath tub can help, in order to provide secure footing, then placing a treat in the bath and encouraging the dog to get in the tub.

This can be done repeatedly to make bathing quicker and easier. The guide also states that running a trickle of water with the drain open is helpful, as well as distracting the dog with treats and applying shampoo whilst the water rises.

Readers will also find that the guide states to prepare by brushing beforehand, ensuring matted fur is dealt with. Clipping nails before baths reduces the chance of cutting the quick, as the blood vessels dilate with the warm temperature.

In addition to this, applying shampoo to the dirtiest areas of the body first enables it to have more time to deep clean the areas such as paws and belly.

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