Dog and Puppy Indoor Potty Offers Quality Design and Construction

New Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty introduces quality design and construction for popular Dog and Puppy Indoor Potty. Uses for the Ugodog include puppy training as well as assisting older dogs. Ugodog is also popular for dog owners who do not have a yard.

Bracebridge, ON, Canada – August 15th, 2014 /PressCable/

The UgoDog is an indoor dog potty, but it is certainly not meant to be a replacement for dog walking. Instead, the UgoDog can be used in addition to your dog's bathroom trips, or to train a puppy. The UgoDog Indoor Dog Potty is an ideal solution for folks who love pets but don't have a yard.

The Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty has multiple great features designed to make life easier for all dog owners.

These features include:

Quality Design and Construction – The UgoDog has a solid base that will support any canine, regardless of breed or size. All breeds are able to use the Ugodog as it can be made larger by attaching two together with an available connector.

The UgoDog Benefits – More economical than wee pads and expensive patio potty systems. The Ugodog is convenient, clean, and easy to use as it keeps dogs' paws and the floor dry. The Ugodog cannot be shredded and spread all over the house as wee pads can.

UgoDog Features – The grates are made to support even the smallest of canine paws as the top edges are bevelled to avoid any discomfort. The UGODOG uses two smaller, removable, fitted grates rather than one large one to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient – simply wipe off with a wet paper towel every evening.

A full list of the great features of the Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty can be found on the company websites, and

Chris Millar, Owner, had this to say:

“The UGODOG saves plenty of money compared to pee pads. Also, dogs or puppies cannot tear the UGODOG to shreds like pee pads. It keeps their paws clean, which means that the floors are clean. It's such a great and simple idea.“

Dog owners interested in learning more about the Ugodog can do so directly on the website at Canadian UgoDogs and USA UgoDogs

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Name: Chris Millar
Organization: MSLPets
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Phone: 705 645 2080
Address: 75 Glendale Road, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1B2

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