Does Only Fans Protect Your Privacy More Than Facebook

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We are creating a renaissance in the nonprofit sector, developing and nurturing a sustainable funding model for non profits around the world" Gold Hood, CEO

Actually and probably yes. Privacy in managing data and vulnerability is about who has the power and what their incentive is. “Facebook will pay a record $5bn to settle privacy concerns after harvesting 87 million people.” (US Federal Trade Commission, BBC 2021).

Whether its Only Fans, Facebook, Google, or other sites, the apps monetize the individual. Individuals have become the product. AI has made humans the experiment.

Ads4Earth radically reinvents social media by not profiling from individuals social interactions and searches at all. Instead Ads4Earth asks people to voluntarily screen in, in order to enable more meaningful engagement with companies. After the experiences many have had with data privacy being violated, users of the Ads4Earth do because it enables them to donate and contribute their time, which advertisers pay for, to the non profits of their choice. Ads4Earth’s mission is to help regenerate and repair the environment. It is not something that can be done on Facebook or Google.

“40% of consumers avoid, distrust, and reject traditional ads (Gen Z and Millennials 2020 Drapers’ data-led consumer research report). Ads4 earth is the answer and solution to the Social Dilemma. It is a social media platform where conscious consumers and Brands can have conversations and meaningful interaction. It is the world’s first social media platform built with the incentive to donate to NGO’s.

Ads4earth is the only technology model of its kind, addressing the largest and most significant movement in millenial and Gen Z purchasing behaviour. By 2030, the collective annual income of Millennials worldwide is expected to exceed $4 trillion. (The top millennial buying habits and insights for 2021 by Jaime Netzer (Jul 01, 2020)). Humans are reclaiming their time online, and what companies they chose to purchase from. Ads4earth has paired technology that does good for the planet with the massive initiative in sustainability and corporate responsibility by donating 80% of the earnings through the platform to NGO’s. The social media platform enables its audience to become real influencers on corporations and society and reclaim the planet.

“We seek to create a renaissance in the nonprofit world by developing and nurturing a sustainable funding model for hundreds of non profits around the world. You can be part of this mission and join the Reclaimers as we all seek insightful conversation and solutions facing our world today.”

Gold Hood, CEO Ads4Earth

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