Doctors get New Training on ADHD in Adults via Largest Online U.S. Video Project

ADHD in Adults has just published seven new training hours in the largest U.S. library of online continuing medical education (ADHD CME) focused on ADHD in Adults. Adult ADHD can now be treated reliably and safely in primary care for over 10 million undiagnosed adults.

ADHD in Adults announced a major update to the online Continuing Medical Education library focused on treating adult ADHD, now the largest U.S. collection of online video learning on the topic.

ADHD was discovered in the early 1900’s as a childhood disorder, first treated in psychiatry, and later in pediatrics. With the 1980’s, research revealed that 67% of ADHD children grew into ADHD adults. ADHD is now documented in 5% of the population, with over 75% of today’s adults still undiagnosed and untreated.

Established protocols have proven effective in reducing symptoms, however there are not enough psychiatrists to treat the almost 10 million undiagnosed U.S. adults. Until recently, doctors and nurses received little training in adult ADHD. As with anxiety and depression, ADHD care is moving from psychiatry into primary care where screening, diagnosis, and treatment can now take place.

To this end, the ADHD in Adults education project provides health professionals with unbiased and evidence-based continuing medical education. It is a collaboration among ADHD experts from APSARD (American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders,) creating the educational materials; NACE (National Association of Continuing Education,) providing accreditation; and InQuill Medical Communications, LLC, producing and promoting content.

The largest U.S. online library of ADHD CME for ADHD in Adults

Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Director, says, “This project is a victory of fact over fiction, science over opinion. It is a wonderful result of three decades of research in adult ADHD. Patients now have treatment options, and healthcare providers have knowledge to improve patient lives.”

The project has just launched six new hours of accredited online ADHD CME for professionals at introductory and advanced levels. Fifteen total hours are now available, with more to come this year. Over 3,000 healthcare professionals have registered for training and the project has surpassed 75,000 views on YouTube. Funding has been provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as Shire International and Arbor Pharmaceuticals.

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