Do I Really Need A Water Softener In San Antonio An Announcement By Biotech Water Researchers and Hank Deutch

Biotech Water Researchers offers products and services to assist area residents and businesses in meeting requirements and guidelines for safe water supplies. The recent web article describes standards and products.

Biotech Water Researchers and Hank Deutch are pleased to announce the release of a descriptive post which answers the question: Do I really need a water softener In San Antonio? The Environmental Protection Agency provides strict requirements and guidelines on what local water authorities should do to ensure water is safe for use in homes across the United States. The authorities adhere to these guidelines, thereby removing or rather reducing contaminants that could be harmful to the health of people.

However, there are no requirements for local water authorities to remove hard water minerals from the water. While the presence of hard water minerals in the water supply isn’t dangerous, the minerals tend to get deposited on the pipes and appliances and slowly but surely clog and ruin them. The choice of having a water softener for San Antonio homes or businesses depends on whether or not hard water is present in the water supply.

The blog post by Biotech explains that hard water is widespread, particularly in San Antonio. Hard water is defined as those which contain high traces of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The calcium and magnesium ions in hard water often create limescale on home appliances, clogging on pipes, and even have a damaging effect on the internal heating systems of the home. Another effect of hard water minerals is limiting the effectiveness of cleaning products.

Keeping water clean and free from hard water minerals is important to ensure that the household is safe. There are several benefits which come from installing a water softener. These include an extended appliance life and improved water heater performance. Residents of the household enjoy better showers, brighter and clean laundry and a cleaner plumbing system. Home and business owners can also expect money savings resulting from the more efficient use of cleaning products.

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