DIY Roofs – Connecting Homeowners and Reputable Roofing Subcontractors Directly

DIY Roofs has launched a new roof contractor platform allowing homeowners to get their projects completed with ease. Customers can get estimates, hire crews, and manage projects with a few clicks.

A new roofing site has launched for homeowners interested in saving thousands on their next roofing project. DIY Roofs helps connect homeowners and reputable roofing subcontractors directly, making it easy for homeowners to save money that would normally go directly to the roofing company. DIY Roofs cuts out the middle man and allows customers to save money without doing any heavy lifting themselves, without climbing a ladder, and without requiring any DIY experience.

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Created by Chris Toepfert, DIY Roofs was designed for the everyday homeowner looking for someone they can trust to do the work they require on their property. All the tools are provided, and homeowners can sit back and see their projects come to fruition.

This is achieved through a three step process that helps to streamline every job and ensure it’s carried out to the highest level of professionalism. The first step is to get an estimate. When interested parties are ready for a price quote, they are encouraged to plug in their specs or get a satellite estimate, which will calculate the project’s estimated cost and compare it against the cost of hiring a roofing company.

After that, the infrastructure is in place to allow people to hire the crews and handymen that professional roofing companies use, which cuts out the middleman and saves time and money. For customers who aren’t general contractors, finding crews can be difficult, but it’s for this reason that DIY Roofs created its powerful database.

Customers can find roofing subcontractors in their area that can pinpoint the right crew for any job, and supply the necessary contracts to get the project up and running. From there, homeowners can manage the project with ease. DIY Roofs provides all the necessary tools, including a reliable labor crew, project management checklists, documents, and contracts, as well as a materials shopping list. Projects can be arranged from the computer with a few clicks.

Full details are available on the company website, where interested parties can also get in touch using the contact form provided on site.

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